Audvertize: Transforming Affiliate Marketing through Reliable & Trustworthy Quality Innovations

Vishnupriya Singh, Group Head & Director,Divesh Dhandar, CEO & Director

Vishnupriya Singh, Group Head & Director

Divesh Dhandar, CEO & Director

Also known as ‘Pay for Performance’, Affiliate Marketing contributes around 20 percent to total online sales. Thanks to the proliferating internet penetration and online shopping trends, its market size is expected to increase to $835 million by 2025 registering a 45.2 percent growth. But as it is said ‘there are two sides of every coin’, affiliate marketing too suffers from a ‘credibility loss’ due to malpractices by malicious networks and agencies at play.

Forestalling this negativity through delivery of only genuine inventories like e-mailer, SMS, self-serve platforms, DSPs and DMPs, Audvertize aims at developing lasting client relationships, rendering quality service and being highly resourceful. One of India’s premium ad-tech & performance marketing affiliate ad agencies, Audvertize works with more than 6,000 active desktop & mobile app publishers and advertisers. A performance affiliate RoI driven agency with strong data mining team the organization leverages permutation and combination of various DSPs and DMPs to come up with robust performance and strong data learning.

Bringing the Best of Client’s Product to their End Users
“It is very difficult to convince any customer to buy a product, but it becomes even more difficult to convince a user to use their own
money first to earn more cash,” explains Vishnupriya Singh, Group Head & Director, Audvertize. Especially in the Real Money Games (RMG) sector where the firms’ key focus lies, it is only through employment of its full potential & capabilities that Audvertize is able to bring the best of its client’s product to their end users. Some of its prominent clients include Games 24x7 (Rummy Circle and My11Circle), Tiktok Skill Games (Winzo), GC Web Ventures(Indialends), Survey Junkie, Dynata, LeoVegas, Lotto 24x7, Toluna, Fluent, and Market Cube(Univox). Apart from RMG, it also delivers campaigns for leading brands across BFSI, Finance, Education, Real Estate, e-Commerce and leading media agencies, globally.

Drawing on client feedback as measure of its productivity, which is mostly accurate, chiefly in RMG, Audvertize dispenses some of the highest ROI with unmatched quality

Drawing on client feedback as measure of its productivity, which is mostly accurate, chiefly in RMG, Audvertize dispenses some of the highest ROI with unmatched quality. The company is further capable of boosting clients’ business organically and garnering attention towards building premium audience in the inventory distribution and monetization space, thus helping its clients achieve lower cost acquisitions besides ensuring higher LTVs across devices.

Engaging Audience with Captivating Communication
Audvertize envisions to be the benchmark for increasing brand value, engaging audience with captivating communication and to achieve RoI for its customers. As such, its dedicated affiliate manager or performance marketing team constantly devises strategies for new campaign briefs that need to be presented with well thought conceptualized plan of action to keep the workforce updated.

Standing true to its name, Audvertize, which means ‘audience’ and ‘advertisement’, the firm showcases brands to the right audience at the right time. It was nominated for best affiliate network in SPICE 2020 (Goa) and Best App Install Campaign for Rummy Circle at IAS 2019 (Gurgaon), and its parent company Gigs Media was listed among the 10 Best Mumbai Tech Startups – 2019 by siliconindia. This cogency has bestowed a 10 fold growth since last fiscal year upon this company which is just over two years old, and the agency aspires to make more ‘millions’ in the coming fiscal year.