Avazu: For a Faster, Convenient & Transparent Self-Serve Programmatic Experience

Shi Yi,Founder & CEO

Shi Yi

Founder & CEO

Outsourcing or a managed service has never been a safer bet in the process of programmatic advertising. This has, in turn, led to the dramatic rise of demands for self-service model, a trend that has been disrupting the market.

Avazu’s solutions help clients to share their highly targeted smart ads on premium mobile apps, while effectively managing their targeted clients

To make this organized sector a faster, more convenient, transparent and real-time experience, Avazu - a Shanghai-based global digital advertising solutions enabler - brought its new innovation mobile DSP or mDSP to the palate for marketers in 2010. Armed with advanced, yet easy-to-use features, the intuitive white-label mDSP helps clients to share their highly targeted smart ads on premium mobile apps, while effectively managing their targeted
clients without a prodigal investment in any exorbitant technology or infrastructure.

With over 40 global ad exchanges and SSPs coupled with ~20 billion imps of a daily biddable impression volume, mDSP empowers customers to start a new campaign within couple of minutes with an initial deposit of only $50. "All bidding on our mDSP is based on CPM and CPC model, towards a CPA/CPI goal. Besides, we also support all third party tracking solutions to verify our data accuracy," explains Shi Yi, Founder & CEO, Avazu. In addition, the company also leverages the bliss of cross-device marketing and managed-serviced solutions or its APX, through which advertisers are equipped with desirable services, for a CPA/CPI pricing model of their choice.

Accelerating the Excellence
Started as a one-stop media buying solutions enabler across largest ad-exchange platforms and SSPs in 2009, Avazu soon changed its entire course towards offering 100 percent self-service mobile-agnostic solutions through its mDSP and private exchange platforms. Giving a touch of localization through its six global offices and supplemental managed support from area managers, Avazu witnessed accelerated efficiency; whereas its mobile strategies reaping over 50 percent of its total revenue alone became the lifeline of the company. And the recent doubled growth for Q1 also reinstates its fueling growth.

Avazu currently operates in two forms - one reflects its advertising
arm, now a part of a public Chinese company Kemianmuye and the latter represents Avazu Holding, a fastest growing TMT enterprise in China that encapsulate Teebik (mobile gaming), DotC United Group (mobile apps) and aFund (early-stage investment fund) of Avazu. The rising excellence has also brought the company into limelight of eminent recognitions, like the statures of being Google's Premium SMB Partner for PSP and DVIP and top second on the Appsflyer's global power index - venture capitalists and marquee clients that include big gaming houses and major Chinese internet players.

A data-driven company with a strong product and tech focus, Avazu's tech-savvy, diligent workforce, constantly strives to proffer the best, be it in terms of product, tech or service. "Given the present company momentum, Avazu could deliver even more competitive solutions in the future," proclaims Shi.

Further, with a strong presence in Bangalore, this prominent international advertising and technology-driven company foresees India as a hub of potential opportunities for a range of sectors including software development services and mobile gaming. According to Shi, the rationale for such a bright future lies in India's demographic dividend, which has made it as another Chinese internet market. "It also remains as a key market for potential businesses which we are in line with," says Shi.