Barcode Entertainment: A Tech-Driven Offline Marketing Agency Entailing Experiential Branding Solutions

Rahul Khanna, ,Director, Barcode Entertainment

Rahul Khanna,

Director, Barcode Entertainment

In today’s age of fast-moving services, virtual and physical environments are colliding to create seamless experiences for customers in every industry. These seamless experiences represent a multitude of opportunities for creating interactive communications that take into account the customer’s journey.

To influence the customer sentiments about a product or brand, promotions through experiential campaigns are the right choice to win over a stellar customer base. Phygital marketing creates a medium that enriches the customers’ journey. Using Phygital to connect the online and offline world, allows a marketer to create closer, more efficient, and human customer experiences, something that is vital for an industry subservient on crafting unique and unforgettable experiences for their customers.

Gripping on to the art of creating a tangible experience, Barcode Entertainment is reinventing the ‘how’ and ‘where’ of customer engagement & deploying competitive new-age technologies to cut through traditional advertising clutters. Barcode takes the best components from the digital experience like immediacy, immersion, and speed and the chance to interact with people and the product. This is the best way to satisfy a consumer that is demanding, hyper-connected, and is looking to meet their needs through multiple platforms. There are too many shoddy, scattergun sampling campaigns that don’t do justice to the product or trial campaigns that are over-engineered and inefficient, failing to reach enough people. Barcode delivers the best of both worlds: impactful product experiences that work at scale.

Rahul Khanna, Director, Barcode Entertainment, asserts, “Globally, Phygital is the way forward for offline marketing which refers to Physical + Digital Marketing. At Barcode, we have devised certain metrics which helps brands track and monitor offline campaigns at scale. In two years, we have attained physical presence in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata, with our on-ground and technology teams focusing purely on metrics like CPA, CPL, Reach and Hyperlocal insights. One of the major challenges brands face is monitoring BTL and offline marketing campaigns which Barcode has been successfully able to crack with a core focus on technology reporting”.

Barcode’s existing network of over one million touchpoints has moved brands reach a range of multigenerational audiences. Malls, corporate parks, apartments, mohallas, schools, retail stores, public markets, pubs, restaurants, even ‘Kumbh Melas’ and ‘Panchayat’ gatherings are what this team covers when it comes to reaching out to a consumer.

These touchpoints are mapped to various
tech-driven dashboards known as ‘Barcode PhyGits’. While conducting traditional BTL marketing activities, Barcode can offer specific and measurable metrics, therefore, assisting brands with highly filtered conversational leads. To ensure seamless execution, its effective timely strategies can dial back any risk and propel the RoI through deep insights and adept data analytics.

Barcode Entertainment caters to everything that falls under the BTL marketing and traditional marketing spectrum to suit all client needs. Presently, it has gained market presence around Tier I metros and cities nationwide (Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Goa, Patna & Guwahati); slowly exploring the international markets as well.

Cutting-Edge Activation Tools
The ever-changing digital landscape along with the advent of AI & VR is asking the contemporary marketers to be savvier with their creative ideas. Rahul states, “We are combining several emerging creative disciplines and technologies to entail our offline marketing campaigns, where customers can see, touch & try the product, maximizing the brand experience. Brand managers sitting in any part of the world can also see what is going on live in their campaign with the help of Barcode Phygits. To achieve a genuinely Phygital experience, there must be a technology that facilitates the campaign. Technology plays a huge role in making a traveler’s journey highly customized and convenient. Barcode specializes in exactly that.

Globally, Phygital is the way forward for offline marketing to cut through traditional advertising clutters

For building brand awareness, using projection mapping can be an active medium to convey a brand story at a professionally produced event. Thus, to create real-time branding experience, Barcode inducts projection mapping tools which constitute a blend of architectural mapping, projection media and 3D animation transforms, at both virtual & physical surface for jaw-dropping arena transformations. Rahul recalls, “We’re not magicians but it’s kind of like magic. Using this potent tool, we have turned a hotel into a giant arcade claw game, made a building disappear, created Mirage at music festivals, made mannequins come to life and much more”.

Using the specifics of augmented reality and touch & gesture-based ambient display applications, it is creating an interactive experience to amaze the event attendees. For entertainment-type application, this tech activation constitutes gesture technologies which are integrated with social sharing options as well. The rising popularity of using virtual reality headsets to captivate the audience, no wonder experiential marketers like Barcode is using VR simulators (VR glasses and motion simulator combined) at activation sites.

According to PwC, 85 percent of brand opinion is driven by interactions with brands in the real world; brand experience has a big impact and gives a considerable advantage to the brands who use it effectively. Many brands have a limited natural presence, which restricts their ability to build relationships. Scalability being an important factor in computing RoI; Barcode has also devised scalable metrics which helps the brand to track and monitor offline campaigns, making it Indi’'s first Truly Tech-Driven Offline Marketing Agency. Rahul concludes, “Experiential marketing is versatile. And because it’s such a broad discipline, there’s no single fixed formula for success. Unlike other agencies, we understand that different challenges need different approaches. At Barcode, we have a dedicated approach for measuring and evaluating campaigns, giving brands a deeper understanding of the financial and emotional results of their campaigns – no matter what shape they take”.

Key Management
Rahul Khanna, Director
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Offices: Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata & New Delhi
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