Be the Bee: An Intrinsic Blend of Strategy and Creativity for Meaningful Propagation of Brands

Bibhor Singhania, CEO & Co-Founder,Banibrata Goswami, CCO & Co-Founder

Bibhor Singhania, CEO & Co-Founder

Banibrata Goswami, CCO & Co-Founder

The legacy of creative excellence has made Kolkata the cultural capital of India. Be the Bee, a unique creative advertising agency, is a true ambassador of this heritage. Be the Bee believes in motive-driven strategy to help companies efficiently establish their presence. A refreshing mix of young talent and experienced minds, the company provides customised solutions by expertly blending first-rate creatives with sharp strategies. “Not just aesthetic appeal, we essentially focus on crafting calculated consumer-centric creative, aligned with the client’s vision,” said Bibhor Singhania, CEO & Co-Founder, Be the Bee.

“We think of ourselves as creative partners to our clients. Our inherent commitment is towards creative and strategic excellence,” said Banibrata Goswami, CCO and Co-Founder. Be the Bee has this amazing ability to provide innovative solutions within surprisingly little time. They have already catered to more than 150
clients and won eight awards since its inception in 2013. SBI Life Insurance, Chandrani Pearls, Amrit Cement, Patanjali, Infinity, Sobisco, Haldiram's Prabhuji, Srijan, Siddha and Primarc Group are some of their prominent clients. The company's services encompass strategic communication planning, brand design, broadcast media and digital platforms to achieve brand omnipresence.

Be the Bee believes in understanding individual client perspective and candidly expressing its opinion about layout options

To understand competition and target audience, Be the Bee's team visits the client sites and experience the scenario and also evaluate pre-existing services, amenities and marketing strategies that might need an upgrade. Frequent market researches give the company unique insights into a product's advantages and pain points. Be the Bee's services provide a specific client from its brand name, logo design, stationery design, TV commercials, corporate AVs, radio spots, website development to social media marketing; in short 360° campaign management.

An Honest Evaluation
Various organisations often attempt to enforce on their clients creative
works they deem are good. However, Be the Bee believes in understanding individual client perspective and candidly expressing its opinion about layout options. They are equally willing to rework strategies in accordance with their specific requirements. “We do not rely on ‘brief today and creatives tomorrow.' It has to be a well-researched and discussed ideation process, with honest evaluation and zero enforcement to catapult the client’s status among end consumers,” said Bibhor. For instance, in collaboration with The Telegraph, the team published a massive eight-page advertisement for The 42 and grabbed the attention of all.

Helping the team with clear visions is the company’s proprietary software and tools. The company has introduced Smart Sheet to give its team a clear perspective on its performance and ensures on-time delivery. Moreover, the client data are safely locked in a secure server. Digitalisation has inspired Team Be the Bee to focus on strengthening its virtual expertise and digital workforce. “Much-like mainline advertising, digital advertising is also content-driven. One should always know how to judiciously use digital platforms as indiscriminate bombardment of campaigns could cause an eventual blind spot,” said Banibrata. “With varied clientele from small organisations to large corporate houses, we are planning on opening more offices across India to cater bigger corporate houses from their local places,” Bibhor signed off.