Beat Box: A Comprehensive Performer in Executing Creative Campaigns

 Gitesh Taneja, Co-Founder & CEO, Shantanu Deshkar, Co-Founder & COO

Gitesh Taneja, Co-Founder & CEO

Shantanu Deshkar, Co-Founder & COO

Integrated marketing had always been a preferred proposal upon brand promotions and is gaining steam in recent years due to increased accessibility in the contact information. Prior, most marketers lacked a strategic perspective in promoting a brand due to the poor understanding of consumer needs. This concluded in failed attempts in impacting the audience, even after precise arrangements of possible element in branding communications.

Understanding the need-space, Beat Box is proffering its services based on consumer acumen and is at the forefront to conclude integrated marketing campaigns with escalated participant engagement. This dedicated professional marketer is well-known for its speed of execution in amending corporate-handy marketing solutions which are sure to bring quicker ROI for the clients.

The success story behind Beat Box’s marketing campaigns is entirely rooted in its steady verticals it follows in bending unique credentials to offer the crowded market. Conclusively for each campaign, it expounds a creative touch-point in execution, customization and providing adapt solutions in profit generation from the campaigns. Be it media communication or event hosting, the process is initiated with a formal client meet to confirm the current position of the brand in the market and the target audience for the campaigns. Alongside, it curates content from open internet sources, prepares comparative data about the company, and

then ideates a unique standalone platform to showcase the best the company caters.

As the line goes ‘anything and everything is customized to the last leg’, creating an advertising appeal is what Beat Box is best at. To date, it is poised as a creative thought leader for many experiential theme journeys, alongside compounding the corporate experience. Its team excels in managing efficacy, ensuring a smooth turn of events. Where budget constraints are concerned, its extensive brand-connect allows it to entail extreme fit-outs, with design to delivery. Beat Box initiated its story from Pune, Maharashtra and has been able to lead campaigns across India with capabilities building to even leverage international initiatives. Be it levitating the brand appeal for real-time consumers or in generating leads for the online campaigns, Beat Box is a step ahead, providing a one-stop-solution to shoulder each marketing need.

We work in an execution mode, from strategizing to successfully hosting and delivering the projects which are beautifully put-forth as a complete marketing package

Working with Stakeholders
“We work in an execution mode, from strategizing to successfully hosting and delivering the projects which are beautifully put-forth as a complete marketing package,” states Gitesh Taneja, Co-Founder & CEO, Beat Box. He further adds, “Since the founders come from corporate background and having worked with leading brands of India for over two decades, has enabled us to think alike and meet the corporate ask”.

Hence, each time the strategies are revised with thorough brainstorming with the clients. Gitesh recalls when his clients come forward with challenging proposals, team Beat Box caters with utmost diligence, earning a partnership which he is extremely proud of. Be it Brand Launch, Customer Contact Programs, Employee Engagement, Annual meets, Outbound Conferences, Mobile Demo Vehicles, Exhibitions, Marathons or Pure Creative Ideation, as a company, it is evolving from below-the-line solutions towards building roadmap for smart solutions and further stepping-up to enthral the audience.

In its initial phase, Beat Box started-off as a branding affiliate and then as an Integrated Marketing Agency, with its first product launch for none other than the leading newspaper brand of India – The Hindustan Times in Pune. Once it earned its initial mark in the industry, it gradually shifted its role to a more diverse field as an Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO). Shantanu Deshkar, Co-Founder & COO, Beat Box, says, “We love what we do and so is the experience what we create for our clients. We look forward to partner with leading corporate houses and deliver ever lasting memories”.