Bluecap Interiors: Customised & Customer Centric Inerior Design With End - To - End Design Solutions

Biju Varghese,CEO,Linda Biju, Director

Biju Varghese,CEO

Linda Biju, Director

Our focus has been solely customer satisfaction and that certainly has paid good dividends,”says Biju Varghese. CEO at Blucap Interiors. Established in 2017, Blucap Interiors is an interior design company focused on experiential & timeless designs at affordable costs. Premium customised designs have always been elusive for most of the population and Blucap wished to bridge that gap by providing personalized designs and execution at competitive prices. Every design by Blucap is done keeping in mind the personal ‘taste’ of its clients. Every design therefore is distinct and stands out on its own.

"Blucap interiors, over the years has established itself as one of the top interior design companies in bangalore with decades of experience in interior design and development"

The company's marketing strategy through the beginning years has only been through word of mouth and the team ensures that it spends time on making excellent designs that stand out from the crowd. Further, the quality of its finished product has helped Blucap gain attention in the market relatively quickly. "We pay close attention to use only premium quality materials in our projects so that our customers are at peace in the years to come. On time delivery has been another strong point in helping us scale the heights," adds Linda Biju, Director at Blucap Interiors.

According to Biju, the company's USP is a combination of excellence in design, execution and honesty. He strongly believes that honest communication with clients has helped them clarify doubts and establish respect among their clients. The company strives to work with its clients realistically by hand-holding them to understand the pros and cons of different approaches in design. The team also spends time in educating clients in the scopes of different types of materials so that they can make an informed and cost effective decision. "It certainly is challenging to work with highly demanding clients. However, we have always maintained our professionalism and have delivered exceptionally well to the satisfaction of our clients," Biju adds. The team at Blucap also takes special care to keep a cordial relationship with the clients even after the delivery of the projects.

Currently, the interiors and renovations market in India is $20-30 billion market. There is tremendous potential for growth even among the tier-II & III towns. Due to the pandemic, people's choices and needs are rapidly
changing.On the upside, there is greater growth in the residential interiors sector as more and more people pay closer attention to the interiors of their homes as homes double up as office space as well. On the down side, however,there are challenges for the commercial spaces in major cities in the short term. Pandemic certainly has changed the market sentiments in new ways for the Interior Design Industry.

The team at blucap also takes special care to keep a cordial relationship with the clients even after the delivery of the projects

Also, understanding that technology plays a pivotal role in the interior design industry today, Linda says that she remembers 20 years ago when they used to struggle to get a 3D view done, spending more than a week making a visual presentation to the client. Today, an entire house design can be completed within a week. The company uses 3D visualisers extensively to bring its designs to life so that clients understand what exactly is being offered. Softwares are extensively used in the design and execution process to minimise any sort of rework. This helps the team at Blucap speed up its delivery schedules and provides exceptional quality output.

Linda Biju, Director

Appreciating the designs delivered by Blucap Interiors, Parmesh, MD at Karnataka Agro Corporations said, "I have got interiors done from Blucap for my office and home. My experience with them has been very positive. The best part is that they are willing to make changes even on the go and are willing to give an end-to-end solution which was one of my main concerns. I didn't have the time to go for multiple vendors. Their designs have been very practical as per my needs and tastes. I am glad to mention about Kiran who was the site engineer for my projects. He has gone beyond my expectations and done things to make sure my demands are met. He has even accompanied me to showrooms to select appliances for us. Blucap has been very professional in their approach towards work. Most importantly, they have delivered everything they promised within the planned budget and always kept me informed if there was any delay. I will be happy to recommend them".

Blucap Interiors, over the years has established itself as one of the top Interior design companies in Bangalore with decades of experience in Interior Design and Development. Going forward, Blucap Interiors looks towards a strong market presence as they have matured as a trustworthy and capable company that delivers on its promises. The company looks towards a bigger market share in the Bangalore market in the immediate future while exploring opportunities of expansion in other South Indian cities.

Blucap's Biophilic Design Philosophy:
Human beings are intrinsically part of nature. We always go back to nature for peace, joy and healing. Our lives are complete only with nature. ‘Biophilia' is the idea that as human beings, one must feel linked to his/her natural environment and the other living things in it, not only to survive but to thrive. It is the fundamental part of who we are. This forms the core of Blucap's design philosophy. We integrate nature and its elements into our designs so that we create interiors where people feel connected and are thriving! We believe that Deviation from Nature is Deviation from Happiness!