BluStream Marketing Solutions: Fostering Pragmatic Solutions for Comprehensive Marketing Needs

Venkat Shankarnarayan, Managing Partner & Founder

Venkat Shankarnarayan

Managing Partner & Founder

It is fascinating to see how a simple concept of interlinking various communication & promotion tools can lead to consonance in marketing. In reality, Integrated Marketing as we call it requires a lot of effort, but also delivers massive benefits such as competitive advantage, boosting sales & profits, and saving money, time and stress. Wrapping communication around customers to aid them in moving through various stages of buying process is an archetype of its advantages.

Established in 2019, the Mumbai-based Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Company – BluStream Marketing Solutions is a through-the-line and truly integrated with data, content & technology which enable it to strategize, create, amplify and develop assorted marketing solutions under one single framework. Leveraging its new age ecosystem, the company unites brands, marketers, media buyers & sellers, content creators, influencers, data management platforms and agency trading desks – all under one single roof. This interweaving helps its clients across the ecosystem to establish their brand, create seamless experiences, maximize revenues, reach-out to audience, optimize investments, and adopt a performance-first approach across the funnel.

Services that Settle Shortcomings, Strategies that Strengthen Solutions
The extensive range of efficacious and
tailored services offered by BluStream includes Integrated Business Strategy (for brand building & performance enhancement), Media Investments (for efficient deployment of advertising spends), Content & Creative (for furnishing seamless experiences that lead to call to action), and Data & Technology (a suite offering services like web analytics, conversion tracking, attribution modeling, marketing automation, adtech and web/mobile development).

An enterprise well-versed with the importance & advantages of technology, BluStream implements an amalgam of internally developed tools & GDPR compliant to ensure data safety

Strategies that form the strength of its services begins with understanding the objective, moves along with analyzing the situation such as customers & their aspirations, industry & its categories, mapping competition & auditing businesses, and concludes with summarization of findings & drawing inferences, outlining the business opportunity, translating this opportunity into objectives, drawing-up frameworks, and scheduling marketing & advertising activities through the line. Thus, the resonances of BluStream’s services are such that giants like Hindustan Unilever, Mahindra, ICICI Securities, DSP Mutual Funds and Network 18 frequently hire them with confidence.

An enterprise well-versed with the importance and advantages of technology, BluStream implements an amalgam of internally developed tools & GDPR compliant assets such as SSL 256 bit encrypted servers to ensure data safety. Moreover, access to a full stack of APIs surge advertisements, and collaborations with marketing tech platforms assist clients with multi channel engagement & cross platform attribution. Ergo it is able to successfully deploy cost effective solutions at scale.

Maintaining a lean team with a cumulative experience of over 25 years across marketing services & digital industry, BluStream has its creative team base in Mumbai, while its media operations are spread-out across both Delhi and Mumbai. Always up for innovation, this team is constantly involved in learning something new every day! Decorated with accredited certifications like Facebook blueprint certification,Google certification & Adobe advertising certification, BluStream has managed to generate remarkable revenue of Rs.2 crore in just six months and aims at doubling it quite audaciously.