Changing Tree: Envisioning is to Keep Change Constant.

Syed Idrees,Founder & CEO

Syed Idrees, Founder & CEO

According to the report by Forrester Research, only 12 percent of the 1955 Forbes 500 companies are holding the roost in present scenario. This is a classic case of the survival of the fittest, pointing towards a digital evolution, which is sweeping in the new tide of industrial practices. Though a simple idea, it is often the hardest to execute. This is where Bangalore-based Changing Tree, aka CT, steps in to help brands grow and change with times to ensure survival. Having headed the marketing team for several affluent brands, Idrees (Founder & CEO) understands the challenges in communications and strategy faced by companies, which is multifold for startups.

“That became our driving force – to help startups grow, nurture their very roots and help their marketing branch out in many avenues,” states Idrees. Changing Tree (inspired from the vision of growing in different directions while remaining true to its roots) has helped brands like YLG, Flipkart and many others revitalize their digital & communication
strategy, SEO, SEM, content & design, online reputation management, fine-tune their identity development, internal branding, website development, launch campaigns and more.

"CT understands that cost management and high turnaround time are pivotal for
startups and eliminates the mainstream marketing collaterals that are often heavy
on the pocket"

Many Practices. One Outcome.
“For consultancies to succeed, they need to specialize in niche areas, combine talent and resources from multiple spheres, and work together in the best interests of the brand,” asserts Idrees. Therefore, CT supremely emphasizes on the right mix of Creativity and Technology (the CT effect), to get into the nooks and crannies of the clients marketing agenda. The team expends ample time in understanding and defining the target audience, and researching on the competitor’s strategy. This way, they formulate optimized campaigns with balanced keywords and achieve organic growth like top SERP position, successful social media campaigns and high customer engagement to not only generate leads but create solid brand awareness as well. As digital trends are constantly evolving, the team invests considerable energy in crafting creatives that stand out and catch the audience’s attention.

Cost management and high turnaround time is pivotal for startups. CT understands this predicament and eliminates the mainstream marketing collaterals
that are often heavy on the pocket. The organization further improvises on their reach by undertaking smart, informed and region-specific marketing practices. For instance, for F&B brands, Tier 1 cities are in focus where people interact with brands for fun while healthcare and financials are expanded to reach Tier 2 cities as well where awareness is the need of the hour. In fact, the company once helped a lifestyle brand negate high costs through their digital services which would’ve otherwise been spent on hoardings and billboards that hardly brought in engagement and revenue. “I am constantly involved in sessions for brainstorming creatives and strategies, brand reviews and offer recommendations to our clients on what can help the brand grow,” adds Idrees.

A Borderless Work Ethic
Embracing the ‘Creativity requires no bounds’ philosophy, CT emphasizes on work-life balance through a plethora of activities like Friday lunches and movie nights. Such interactions help teams work seamlessly, especially when it comes to pitching creative projects, since good ideas can come from anywhere. With such practices, the company has doubled its client acquisitions with a 120 percent increase in revenue, and clients in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Bahrain, Malaysia and more. “Our dream is to grow strong in the untapped Asian markets and revolutionize them with the CT effect,” concludes Idrees.