CMO Axis: A Global Pioneer in the Marketing Process Outsourcing Realm

Vinod Harith, CMO,   Pramod Harith, COO, Shilpa Viswanath, CEO

Vinod Harith, CMO

Pramod Harith, COO, Shilpa Viswanath, CEO

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time’ this quote by Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, perfectly exemplifies the importance marketing and advertising for today’s modern day businesses. The last couple of decades have proven to be a game changer for the marketing industry, as it has now become a norm for businesses to embrace marketing to maintain their brand image and reach their target customers. As per a recent PwC report, Internet Advertising alone in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.8 percent during 2020-2025.

Despite marketing being a prime aspect for any business, most companies rely on marketing outsourcing companies to take care of all their marketing function. Marketing Process Outsourcing companies not only have thorough knowledge of diverse marketing functions, but they also spare the companies’ precious time and enable them to focus on other core business functions.

One such company that has proven its mettle as an expert marketing outsourcing service provider is Chennai based CMO Axis. Founded in 2008 by Vinod Harith (CMO) and Pramod Harith (COO), the company follows a digital first and content first approach to offer better marketing outcomes, high levels of measurability and data driven marketing support across content, design, web and MarTech services to its clients.

“Post COVID, many marketing teams globally are getting realigned and increasingly managed remotely, improving the propensity for outsourcing/off shoring of these
marketing processes and building remote teams at low-cost locations. India has a wealth of talent in marketing operations and offers high quality & productivity at 40-50 percent lower costs”, adds Pramod.

A global pioneer in marketing process outsourcing, CMO Axis creates an alternative to the fragmented agencies ecosystem that supports the marketing process, thus driving shared services, increased efficiency and cost saving to its clients. Unlike other companies which follow the traditional agency model of outsourcing, CMO Axis follows a process led KPO model, where in it helps the marketing teams to enhance the efficiency of their marketing functions, while simultaneously managing the costs.

CMO Axis creates an alternative to the fragmented agencies ecosystem that supports the marketing process, thus driving shared services, increased efficiency and cost saving to its clients

Acting as a full-fledged marketing team, the company offers its services on a ondemand, dedicated or shared services model, thus catering to the diverse requirements of marketers. As a result, CMO Axis has amassed a vast clientele and achievements to its name. Prominent among them include being the Content Partner for four of the Top 10 IT companies, handling the digital operations for a leading SaaS company in the US, acting as a video desk for a leading B2B HR firm, and supporting top educational brands & institutions as a creative studio. CMO Axis has a well planned and integrated backend team spanning content, design, digital and web service resources delivering over 2000+ pages of content, 200+ creative assets, 200+ global campaigns and 100+ videos per month across these leading and other clients, on an average.

“Our promise to clients is increased efficiency of operations and lower management/oversight bandwidth for routine marketing ops, allowing marketing leaders to focus their time on more strategic initiatives. We enable access to best practices and processes that comes from working with top global brands, focusing on continuous improvement of quality, processes and efficiency”, Shilpa Viswanath, CEO, CMO Axis, further explains.

An employee centric organization, CMO Axis provides its employees first hand exposure to developing and delivering diverse marketing collaterals & programs. The company offers its employees and consultants a flexible working model, thus enabling them to grow both professionally and personally. Ranked among the top 10 Sales & Marketing Outsourcing providers by Black Book of Outsourcing, US, CMO Axis has achieved 50 percent revenue growth YoY post Covid and is aiming at sustaining this growth for the next 3-5 years.