Communication Hub: Designing Innovative & Custom Fabricated Exhibition Booths

 Amit Bhandarker,   Managing Director

Amit Bhandarker

Managing Director

To boost brand awareness, maximize booth traffic and create an indelible impression of business, an ingenious booth with an immersive ambiance is must in any of the exhibitions. Trade show booth design not only makes brand look credible but also acts as a platform to bridge the gap between company & its consumers. The return on investment can only be judged depending upon how much revenue did trade show booth design bring to the company, making it one of the most crucial aspects of exhibiting. However, the journey from transforming a generic old exhibit into a compelling distinctive structure is indeed challenging. But the right exhibit servicing company with the right expertise can give exhibit the much needed lively look.

One-Stop Solution for all your Exhibition Needs
Incepted in 2012, Communication Hub is a firm built on the ardor to craft innovative booth designs for brands that desire to create an impact on the trade show floor. From concept to idea including production, execution, management and results analysis, Communication Hub offers complete services for industrial
exhibitions, food expo, entertainment & flea markets, travel shows and educational fairs. At present, the company renders its exhibition stall design services at Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore and Dubai. Indeed, it is one of the most sought after companies for design & development of world class modular display systems and custom fabricated exhibition booths.

With our impressive array of color schemes, remarkable graphics, and impactful lights, we guarantee to engage more audience towards customer’s exhibit

Attendees generally give five to ten seconds to decide to enter a booth or not, thus giving an eye blink time to exhibitors to catch their attention and make them to enter their stand. Communication Hub fabricates exhibition booths based on avantgarde design, futuristic technology, storytelling, point of attraction and personalization, which embarks booth presence in a trade show while attracting huge number of visitors. As a designer, the company gives businesses an edge over others via its unique designs keeping every aspect of client’s brief in its minds. By assimilating client’s thoughts & their business ideas with its concepts, Communication Hub builds exclusive tailor made exhibition stands wherein these exceptional customized stands not just tender bespoke designs and greater flexibility but also reflect
brand message. “With our impressive array of color schemes, remarkable graphics, and impactful lights, we guarantee to engage more audience towards customer’s exhibit,” avers Amit Bhandarker, Managing Director, Communication Hub.

100 Percent Reliable Services
Its team of young innovative thinkers equipped with the latest technical know-how along with cutting-edge resources makes worldwide international exhibiting easy for customers who use exhibitions as an integral part of their marketing plan. These experts understand the peculiar needs of customers and implement 360 degree holistic approach to deliver unique designs for multiple events with flexibility and satisfactory results. Starting from crafting the most effective brand name & logo to designing all communication material, the team works in every sphere of communication. “Today, if you want to make a strong brand statement, you need to integrate your communication tools and messages. At Communication Hub, we ensure that your customers recall your brand and create a foundation on which you can build a formidable brand value,” professes Amit.

Further enhancing the customer experience, Communication Hub deploys experts & best vendors with proper certifications for the packing as well as shipment of stands. The company that designs & executes 200+ booths yearly is looking forward to open office in Mumbai for exhibition stall design services as well as advertising, branding and digital & social media marketing services.