Craftech 360: An Empirical Marketing Journey

Pradeep Zille, Ravi Pujari, and Shrishail Pattar,Co-foundersIn this digital era, the brand value entirely depends on the extent to which the brand is marketed. The flip side is the reduced attention on production quality. Nowadays, as branding is completely undertaken by the marketing agencies, industries can passionately focus on product development and manufacturing, thereby keeping intact the production quality unhampered. Marketing technologies have become common and are used incessantly.

However, the right understanding and correct technology application in cost-effective ways to provide some of the most enduring experiences are the most sought-after traits. Bengaluru based Craftech 360 is, thereby, revolutionizing this very particular trait in the Indian marketing industry with its out-of-the-box experiential marketing services. Craftech 360 is a team of fanatical engineers giving precedence to the latest trending technologies to deliver immersive experiences making an unforgettable memory to the audience.

Client Contentment ­ A key Facet
Craftech 360's experiential marketing always emphasizes audience engagement through unique and customized activities. With the client's briefing, the company's creative and tech teams strategize and propose exclusive ideas that take the brand-event to a new level, thus engaging the attendees into the brand value. Team Craftech 360 is highly capable of developing brand-event activities in a short period and delivering a seamless product as
per the deadline while also creating room for any last moment changes as per the client requirement.

Craftech 360 provides its pragmatic services in various brand-events like a product launch, fun activities, brand-activation, experiential zones, and different other sectors. The company's expertise is also seen in its marvelous product launch events that give a wow factor to the participants as well as the consumers. Craftech 360 also offers its services in family-day events for its clients who believe that a happy employee family is a happy company family.

Craftech360 enables Brands to approach the consumers directly with its innovative marketing concepts. The company facilitates Brands in telling their story to its customers in distinct and creative ways for brand awareness and getting feedback as well. The USP lies in its belief in promoting through unique ways of storytelling. Craftech 360's experiential marketing also helps Brands in knowing their consumers' experience in real-life.

Craftech 360 ­ NextGen Marketing
Craftech 360 has been working on technologies like IoT, Mind wave, RFID, AR, VR, MR solutions, and interactive touch technology. Team Craftech 360 doesn't restrict itself by some sort of regulations or guidelines while serving its clients. Instead, Craftech 360 goes beyond the agency-client relationship to fulfill the client's marketing requirements. Craftech 360's R&D team has turned this COVID-19 pandemic in favor of the experiential marketing industry.

The company is currently developing Gesture-based, Touchless, and Voice-based technological activities for NextGen physical events. Craftech 360 is also developing powerful microsites platform, virtual booth plugins like Photobooth, AR Booth, or Virtual Games for new-age virtual marketing events. Craftech 360 also gives guaranteed data protection as it uses the best hosting servers, complex but smart passwords, and the access is provided to the key persons of the client company.

Craftech 360's Tech team continuously gets upgraded through various tech-events, webinars, and other mediums. Also, Craftech 360 indulges its creative and other teams into tech-blogs and podcasts, as these are a constant source of new and trending technological content. Team Craftech 360 is highly capable of working with any technology as per the client requirement.

Soon, Craftech 360 will be expanding its experiential marketing services overseas. Craftech 360 has already worked with almost a hundred IT, Automobile, Fintech, OTT and other brands like OnePlus, JP Morgan, Google, Microsoft, HCCB, Budweiser, Titan, Lenovo, Amazon prime, Swiggy, TCS, TVS, Renault, Accenture, Nissan, Goldman sachs, ACME, Distinct communication, seventy seven entertainment and many more to name a few.