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Navroze D Dhondy,  Founder & Managing Director

Navroze D Dhondy

Founder & Managing Director

The combination of sports and business is a killer marketing strategy in the current times. If you think that it’s just in the times of IPL that the concept got wings, you may want to revisit the history that Navroze D Dhondy created way back in 1993 with Hero Cup, much before he started his marketing firm Creatigies Communications (2002). He, in a number of ways, is the pioneer & frontrunner who set-off a number of sporting concepts in India, thus paving the way for the concept of sports + marketing in the early 90s itself. Today, his firm Creatigies is a pioneer in more than one way in creating great brand marketing solutions using sports as a tool along with providing services akin to brand consulting, media innovations, sponsorship management and endorsements.

Creatigies was setup with the vision to provide marketing solutions for brands and companies that create impact, differentiate, engage with target group and most importantly, give extremely valuable RoI. It combines creativity, strategy and innovations in a unique way, which is driven by multiplier-effect. For instance, Creatigies helped launch Wisden in India along with Wisden Awards and Superskills, a unique cricket game show that revolutionized the sport and gave the brands that associated with it excellent RoI and value. Creatigies has been the forerunner in many such marketing initiatives which
turned the table making sports an eminent platform, from brand building to profit making. In Navroze’s words, “With the IPL having become such a strong platform, we were the first to understand the value and worked with many brands to provide tailor-made and customized solutions that have become case studies in sports and brand marketing”.

Denying one-size-fits-all concept, Creatigies believes customer insights is key and hence the main pivot on which its recommendations & strategies are built on

In yet another instance, the long term association of the Muthoot Group with Delhi Daredevils changed the image of the corporation and set it on a growth path from where it has never looked back. “Using this platform and leveraging it totally was the special impact that we managed for Muthoot,” reveals Navroze.

Conceptualizing Strategies that are Unique
Denying one-size-fits-all concept, Creatigies believes customer insights is key and hence the main pivot on which its recommendations & strategies are built on. “Passive communication is almost unable to deliver results. There has to be a sense of discovery, engagement and participation that people want when it comes to brand experience,” explains Navroze. Hence, Creatigies’ strategies are never to build on large budgets or expenses, rather even the small investments with big ideas can do the required magic and create the impact the brand needs.

“It is clearly to define objectives and find the solutions that would lead to these results,” he adds.

So what creates such powerful impact? It is the handpicked team of Creatigies comprising of Abhishek Sharma (Business Head), Praveen Ranu, Abhimanyu Karki and Suresh Kumar (Senior Business Managers) who are creating these magical elixirs. In the words of a Creatigies client, “This team has always punched much above its weight”. Not just this one, but hundreds of clients (including Acer, Star Sports, Tata Motors, Van Heusen, Pepsi, Nissin, Amstrad, RBL Bank, Beam Suntory, ABP News, Modicare and many more) with whom the company has worked over the last 18 years will echo the same sentiments. Going forward, the company has many innovations and upgradation rolled up its sleeves that are to be announced this year, and will keep adding more blue-chip clients and brands to its portfolio.