Creative Impressions: Creating Lasting Impressions by Exploring Beyond Branding

Arshiya Afsar & Abhishek Golecha,Co- FounderIt’s no more a wild dream; brand influence in today’s highly susceptible digital realm is an overnight phenomenon. No wonder ‘going-digital’ has become an abiding mantra for corporate houses looking to unleash new products and services on customers, but most of the established & aspirant brands forsake the fact that digital influence is not a stand-alone function. They in fact overlook the need for homework. The flood of digital (& print)ads are undeniably good to capture attention, channelize the buyer’s interests, translate into record sales, but not enough to create loyalty and sustainability, wherein the internal ethos and the way an organization presents itself to its customers play the pivotal role

Connecting all these dots, Creative Impressions (CI) – a Hyderabad-based, first of its kind creative agency, goes beyond securing attention for its clients through end-to-end demand generation solutions to act as a curated consultancy that creates, thrives and maintains a brand under one roof. Right from performing comprehensive demand generation campaigns to defining Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that include setting hierarchies, rules & responsibilities, training clients’ workforce towards concreting customer-relationships, and even streamlining sales channels for them, CI offers whatever it takes to create a lasting ‘impression’ on its client’s business. In other words, by flexing the creative muscles, this curative consultancy incessantly travels in pursuit of anything and everything that could better the brand persona, and increase the sales of any organization irrespective of the industry, while allowing them to work with a single provider having the ability to scale in a short time.

Branding Can be More than Branding
While the status quo of demand generation solutions forms just the crust with immediate sales, it lacks foresight to maintain and develop a loyal customer base. Rebelling this ‘new-norm’ of digital equation, CI takes its clients into a well-defined future through unprecedented destinations of branding solutions, and well-beyond them. “We breathe life into a company’s story by advancing our client’s brand-message and forming a clear picture in consumer-minds,” asserts Arshiya Afsar, Co-Founder, Creative Impressions. The company however never arises with yet another marketing campaign, but stitches perfect ‘growth’ solutions for its clients. This sustainable model that bids a huge bet on concreting a solid customer base for clients is customizable to an extent where it can be adapted into any business paradigm including the ownership and franchise models. Indeed, aspiring franchisers can just copy-paste this model.

Well, in order to emerge with such a comprehensive and befitting solution poised to entirely reinvent or revamp (on-demand) the way a brand is perceived by its customers, CI applies no short-cut. Delving deep into the client’s backend, the company deciphers their exact requirements, and scrutinizes their internal process & its craters alongside paying tremendous attention to the workforce & service delivery. For instance, when one of its clients from the food industry aspired to go premium, instead of hastening to perform a digital campaign first, CI commenced with setting a SOP for them. Having
started with devising an employee-uniform that reflects the organization’s ethos, the company heavily leveraged its sophisticated & versatile industry expertise to even concoct kitchen checklists and set daily agenda. Coupled with web design & development, and translating its digital branding expertise across all the social media platforms & SEO/SEM into a strong demand generation strategy, CI presented the client a premium brand with immense visibility, a cutting-edge platform with a trendy interface and a stable business itself.

We Breathe Life Into A Company’s Story By Advancing Our Client’s Brand-Message And Forming A Clear Picture In Consumer-Minds

Being Boundless
The passion and enthusiastic-mindset of CI-ians that enable them to go an extra mile have been appreciable and unique. The company even trains its client’s workforce with a promise to make them sell better. “Post customer surveys and intricate research, we tailor-make training modules for each client, taking into consideration the facets like regional language and keywords that customers like. In addition, we also provide them with specialized training on sale-boosters like ‘Upselling’, and do regular audit of our training programs. This eventually ascertains impeccable benefits for our clients,” elucidates Arshiya, who brings in deep advertising know-how and matchless training expertise - having established a chain of 150 schools across the country and cross borders of the subcontinent. While a norm marketing agency restricts their actions to conducting events at the most, CI travels years ahead by offering additional out-of-the-box corporate training, and thus equipping its clients’ employees to pitch in and seal the deals professionally. Indeed, if the situation demands, CI never shies off from getting down to the ground and closing a deal for its client.

While confronting today’s dynamic business landscape, it’s more than a fact that organizations are left with multifarious challenges. Being home to a co-founding team that brings in decades of experience across world’s largest industries like Manufacturing, Education, Marketing and Finance, CI with its extremely flexible approach acts as an elixir in the aforementioned predicament. Having engaged merely for a marketing campaign, this creative agency even has a history of stretching its limits to eventually streamline a full-fledged sales channel for its client (from manufacturing industry). The company additionally prepared distributor-packages incorporating posters, brochures, and PPT with eclectic information about the product, which in turn helped distributors to convince the retailers and bring more sales.

Having reset the benchmarks of demand generation services, CI within months from inception has catered to an entire gamut of clients, as established as for 58 years. To name a few, CI’s clientele includes Narsingh Cloth Emporium, Pace School, Masqati Dairy & Ice Creams, Champion Pipes, and Glaze & Gloss. Abhishek, Co-Founder, Creative Impressions, adds, “Most of them entailed to revamp their image, even though they were not positioned at a lower-grade. In spite of having a quality product, they suffered from an ‘ordinary’ brand persona. It was an amazing experience to help them reinvent themselves not only through a premium brand name and packaging, but also by finding & fixing their internal craters”.

A Responsibility for Future
The impact of this unprecedented service model however has been
huge,reflected by CI’s skyrocketing revenue graph right from the inception. The company derives this thrive as its future responsibility,and thus handpicks it workforce with utmost care & conducts the training programs in different phases - from induction to sophisticated & cross-functional training. “We indulge in versatile challenges on a daily basis, and thus our training programs ensure that no employee is left blank at any emergency call from any segment,” adjoins Pavan, Co-Founder, Creative Impressions. While this sounds like a perfect environment for stress, it’s quite the opposite since CI has created an impressively bracing & creative workplace that encourages employees to scribble their thoughts.

While exploring towards its mission to become the ultimate growth hacker who combines all the elements that culminate in growing brands under once concrete roof, CI keeps continuously innovating and reinventing itself. “We have already equipped our armory with demand generation solutions and in-house structuring services. Continuing on the same track, we will oil our research to find more out-of- the-box avenues for growth,” concludes Sailesh, Co-Founder, Creative Impressions. Arshiya, along with her three partners have a strong hold already in the Education, Manufacturing, Training, Hospitality sectors, CI looks strong on its vision to position itself in all other major business houses of India.

Key Management:
Arshiya Afsar, Co-Founder
Having completed her education abroad and established Iris Florets – a chain of 150 schools, Arshiya has an excellent comparative analysis of the education paradox of the different education systems across the world. Also a marketing, advertising & training expert, she has piloted several successful campaigns for top brands in India.

Abhishek Golecha, Co-Founder
A double MBA in Marketing & Finance, Abhishek has been an entrepreneur in the manufacturing space for the last ten years, and being a mentor to different startups in his space. With business interests all over the country, he has established business offices in multiple cities including New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore.

Pavan Kumar, Co-Founder
Pavan is a Bachelor of Commerce and a fellow member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. In his career span of more than half decade, he has gained expertise in Capital Market services, Corporate Restructuring, Strategic Management and Risk Management, and acquired immense expertise in Regulations & Compliance management.

Sailesh Baheti, Co-Founder
Sailesh is a fellow member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India and a Bachelor of Commerce & Law. He is well equipped to ensure all legal compliances for clients starting from incorporating a legal entity, to registrations of their brand names & logos, and designing and developing work culture and company policies.

Office: Hyderabad

• Branding Solutions (Brand Positioning, Rebranding, Internal and External Branding, Package Designing, Creating a Message, Logo Mark,& Brand Identity Creation)
• Platforms (Web, E-commerce, Social Media, Traditional Media - TVC’s and Corporate Films)
• Strategy (Marketing, Media, Experiential marketing, Digital marketing, SEO/SEM, and Assisted Sales Strategy)
• SOP (Internal and external Process handbooks, SOPs for Recruitment, Training, and SOPs for Audits)