DigiOn: Offering Customized & Data-Driven Strategies to Boost Small Businesses

Amit Kumar,Founder & CEO

Amit Kumar, Founder & CEO

In this digital world, where digital media is integrated into almost everything, digital marketing plays an extremely important role in the way an organization advertises its product. With the increased internet penetration, it’s far more viable and feasible to target the ideal audience or consumers online through the digital platforms than the traditional media, which costs a lot more than what digital platforms and media do. The increasing internet using population is a strong signal why it’s the best approach to have focused digital marketing for startups.

A seasoned digital marketing professional and an industry expert holding more than 17 years of experience in the digital marketing space, Amit Kumar (Founder & CEO) believes that a startup fails not because of the product but because of the wrong marketing approach. With this realization, Amit established DigiOn – an end-to-end, customized, and data-driven digital marketing services company that offers Brand Building & Management, Lead Generation, Website Designing & Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media
Management, Email Marketing, CRM setup, Lead Nurturing through Marketing Automation Techniques, and Lead to Sale Conversion Improvement services.

"DigiOn follows a data-oriented approach to help business owners identify their problems more clearly, and turn the data into information and information into insights"

Customized Approach
DigiOn aims to ensure that its customers leverage the power of the internet to the fullest extent possible. It understands the startup environment and helps them on what they need precisely. Startups have less time to prove themselves, hence they need digital marketing agencies that can understand their ethos, operational dynamics & offerings, and in turn provide them with the right marketing tactics in stipulated time and budget. DigiOn follows a data-oriented approach to help business owners identify their problems more clearly, and turn the data into information and information into insights. This process sets the company apart from its fellow competitors.

DigiOn provides impressive digital marketing services purely because of the vast knowledge that it holds, operating for different clients from different verticals. It works across various domains like EdTech, Home Decor, FinTech, Software Solutions, Hardware, Skin & Hair, Travel, Cyber Security, Life Insurance, Healthcare and many more. The company has a skilled team of SEO, Content, Social Media, Website Designing experts and data scientists who carry-out meticulous research around the brand, competition, segment, and
others, before suggesting a solution. With an increasing amount of traffic on various social media platforms, it is critical for any business, especially for startups to invest in the right strategy and social media management, and this skyrockets the demand for a data-driven provider like DigiOn who is highly affordable

Bright Future Awaits
With its combined experience of more than 25 years in Digital Marketing, DigiOn’s endeavor is to grow ahead with clients by creating commendable and award-winning services in every aspect of digital marketing and Web Design through creativity and continuous innovation. Sharing his insights about the future roadmap of the firm, Amit expresses, “We have been witnessing great growth month-over-month in terms of clients and revenue. In the future, we would like to maintain our focus on two important aspects – existing customer retention by keeping them happy with our best services and acquiring new clients by showcasing our existing work to our prospects”.

The company has successfully reflected its abilities by serving reputed clients in industries like e-Commerce, Home Décor, Hospitality, Travel, EdTech, Software Solutions, FinTech, Hardware, Skin & Hair, Cyber Security, Life Insurance, and Quality & Compliance. “We value word of mouth marketing and our existing clients play a very critical role in this by referring us to their network,” Amit concludes.