DigiPerformance: Monetizes Publishers' Inventories Programmatically & Delivers Phenomenal Yield & Outcomes

Gyanesh Jha,Partner & Founder

Gyanesh Jha

Partner & Founder

Being the mavens of strategic campaign planning, DigiPerformance embarked onto the advertising space as a brand-safe display Supply-Side Platform (SSP) with a treasure trove of more than five billion impressions (each month) across desktop, mobile & video, procured from premium content sites in India. The firm leverages its associations with an army of 200+ publishers exclusively on ad spots or its access to their huge traffic to institute campaigns on par with a unique performance linked pricing that targets the right audience profile. In addition, it also cuts-down the expenditure of publishers by effectively monitoring their marketing budget. “Our team of 50, proficient in SSP, DSP, DMP, digital ad exchange & other domains, programmatically monetize the inventories of publishers to bestow them with the highest yield and perfect results while managing end-to-end digital notability of the advertisers’ brand,” avers Gyanesh Jha, Partner & Founder, Digi Performance.
"DigiPerformance’s prime goal is to accentuate the publishers’ marketing campaigns through the competence of its in-house creative development team"

Right Target Audience
With offices in Noida & Singapore, DigiPerformance’s prime goal is to accentuate the publishers’ marketing campaigns through the competence of its in-house creative development team. The firm also makes the best use of its associations with an extensive network of delivery partners across the globe to funnel its targets over domestic & international audience and decision makers. Prior to dealing with its audience, DigiPerformance comprehends the subtleties of their profile, demographics, interests, their location and what devices they use in order to make profitable business decisions work for the publishers. Publishers can in fact plug into the firm’s largest audience data exchange in Asia Pacific and utilize it to earn incremental revenue in a safe & responsible way. No wonder, it has emerged as one of the pioneering display SSPs that are creating exemplary experiences for publishers across the globe.

Publishers’ Best Partner
With proficiency in mobile marketing, digital & mobile advertising and reputation management, DigiPerformance
assists the publishers and website owners in generating maximum yield from each impression through its portfolio of services. “We deploy our expertise in innovative digital display advertising across all media to enliven the current display ads of our publishers and therefore generate multiple leads for the business & products of advertisers,” articulates Manish Jha, Partner & Co-Founder, DigiPerformance. The firm also ascertains to deliver the highest revenues across every digitally connected screen to the publishers through its unified monetization platform that fuses an ad server and a real-time bidding ad exchange. To further invigorate this pursuit, it operates a fleet of its own innovative monetization ad units apart from the standard banners.

Safeguarding its huge database, DigiPerformance also assures to employ the best-in-class cloud servers to manage all its digital campaigns, self-managed web application to administer digital advertising and a transparent & real-time reporting system. The firm is indeed proud to have developed a healthcare app for one of its clients to attain their goal of an end-to-end digital outreach program, including customer acquisition & app downloads. Moreover, reaping an AGR of more than 200 percent, DigiPerformance aspires to become the first preference for most advertisers across India.