DizitalSquare: An Ecosystem Transforming Students' Journey from Classrooms to Cubicles

Umasankar Sahoo, Founder & Corporate Trainer

Umasankar Sahoo

Founder & Corporate Trainer

Taking over as the mainstream of doing business, digital marketing is sure to generate above 20 lakh jobs in India by 2020. Growing at an annual rate of 40 percent, the digital economy in the country is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2022. This indicates a giant leap in the scope of Digital Marketing in future. But this tremendous opportunity remains unutilized by a large bunch of students, especially from tier-III cities. Inadequate exposure to corporate culture, poor soft skills, and lack of computer literacy lead to their rejection in the HR round. Addressing this problem, Bhubaneswar-based DizitalSquare ensures proper personality development together with thorough training to transform students into industry ready digital marketing professionals.

Leveraging its years of experience and expertise in the domain, DizitalSquare implements exclusive hand crafed content, live projects along with effective classroom training to transform students’ journey from classrooms to cubicles. Thus upskilling them through skill development programs forms an integral part of the institutes’ teaching methodology. Bringing industry requirements to the classroom helps them understand the corporate complexity. Students undergoing such rigorous training perform better and start working with minimal training once put
in any project in a company. Hence, companies prefer to hire them as this minimizes training costs on the part of the companies.

Opening New Avenues for a Bright Digital Marketing Career
Advanced digital marketing course, which is the flagship offering of the firm, opens up a whole new world of opportunities and growth for an individual. “It’s an extensive combination of many modules like Google analytics, SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, SMS marketing, and e-mail marketing,” explains Umasankar Sahoo, Founder & Corporate Trainer. Traversing through its students’ interests, DizitalSquare delegates specific projects to them on which they work for four to five hours every day to become industry ready. This enables trainees to find employment in digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, SEO & SEM, copy writing, content writing; the list goes on! The fact that there is no qualification limit to have a career in this field makes this course even more enthusiastic. Further, DizitalSquare’s roster of offerings include PHP, Angular, Android, Python and Java.

DizitalSquare ensures proper personality development together with thorough training to transform students into industry ready digital marketing professionals

Taking the enthusiasm to the next level, Dizital Square implements latest technologies like print media, e-learning products, internal LMS system, Google Drive, Youtube videos, WhatsApp and social media groups to create an interactive and fun learning ecosystem that vouches success. The quality and authenticity required to sustain this ultimatum is assured through continuous feedback from students, corporate standard assignments like presentation, project contribution & client interactions, workshops by senior industry professionals and motivational & skill development programs. This explains how the institute has associations with major local companies.

Established in October 2017, DizitalSquare has trained over 150 students in short span of two years. Raising the bar, the firm aims at maximizing this number to over a thousand in the forthcoming years. With a motto to produce quality and productive digital marketing resources, it looks forward to expand its market to other tier II and III cities like Rourkela, Ranchi, Visakhapatnam, Bijayawada, Asansol and Berhampur. The firm further plans to dispense online courses to facilitate self paced learning at the convenience of home.