Edelytics: The One-Stop-Digital Partner to Enliven Your Educational Institution's Website

Abir lal Mukherjee, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Abir lal Mukherjee, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

With far-reaching impacts of web technologies and digital trends sweeping across every industry today, the educational sector is no different. Nonetheless, while most educational institutes in the country utilize this platform optimally to obtain maximum outreach, surprisingly an alarming majority underestimate the effectiveness of an efficient and engaging website. Due to this, potential admission rates dip, demeaning the academic and athletic competency of the institution to a considerable extent. Educational institutions need to respond to this wake-up call and cater to the masses–parents and students who are in search of the best institutions to seek the most important requisite – education. Catering to just this, Delhi-based Edelytics is the first-ever in the digital space to specialize in the educational segment equipped with a precise understanding of the psychology of current student generations and parent needs. The company creates effective content that would proffer wholesome digi-marketing nutrition to up-scale institution services outreach, with magnetizing website content that
reassures boost in admissions and publicity.

"Edelytics is the first-ever in the digital space to specialize in the educational segment equipped with a precise understanding of the psychology of current student generations and parent needs"

With its primary target being colleges, schools and universities, Edelytics aims at increasing admissions not just by focusing on the long-term aspects of augmenting brand-value, but also tender solutions that direct effective-admissions, boosting revenue for its clients. Established over an extensive decade-long experience in the education and admissions field, Edelytics distinctively constructed a concept called the IDPS (Insufficient Digital Presence Syndrome), for which the company deems as the prime reason for institutions to fail at making it on the digital front. Moreover, understanding the roots of the entire process of admission and its influencers, student psychology and more, Edelytics defines the answer to getting a spot on the top of a search engine page that would eventually deliver fruitful results. Specialized in the areas of SEO, content-marketing, social-media management and lead generation (not just verifies but also qualifies leads), Edelytics ascertains that its customization pars excellence in delivering uncompromised, exclusive services.

The Right Blend of Expert Services
While the major chunk of the challenge lies with lack-lustre non-SEO friendly websites and absence
of mobile friendly facilities, Edelytics charges a major concern to the dearth of creative engaging websites that draw no audience. Tackling this with rigorous efforts, the company utilizes exclusive tools like Buzzsumo, Alexa, Ahrefs, and many more to develop highly engaging websites that would magnetize relevant publicity. Bagging huge success over the years under the skills of a well-rooted team, Edelytics assures a brand-new digital image in the minds of the audience, implementing an optimum blend of aforementioned services along with SEM, re-marketing, and online reputation management.

Furthermore, Edelytics provides the clients a unique login ID & password, so they can judge and navigate through the current website status (TRP), and a 24/7 access to understand the pace at which their website is growing.

A Unique Presence in the Market
Surging beyond standards with its unique presence in bumping-up the educational industry via digital means, Edelytics aims at establishing a school admission portal, availed PAN India. This portal will enable its target audience to understand about schools in their areas as well as on a national-scale. Aside these prosperous achievements, the company maintains offices in Jaipur, Bangalore & Chandigarh and surges on current revenue of more than Rs.3 crore witnessing a pace of over 200 percent (in two years).