Equations PR & Media: A Comprehensive Communications Agency Upscaling Your Public Persona

Priyanka Bhatt,Founder & CEO

Priyanka Bhatt, Founder & CEO

In times when brands are crumbling down in the blink of an eye, organisations prefer agencies that offer an umbrella of PR and marketing services rather than hopping from one agency to the next. There is an increased demand for analytical and digital skills to increase visibility in the virtual realm; but it remains untapped, thanks to the unorganised majority. “The Public Relations is a crowded industry comprising numerous large and small agencies offering similar services. The urgency to then establish a distinctive philosophy or approach inspired us to detract ourselves from the clutter,” states Priyanka Bhatt, Founder & CEO, Equations PR & Media, and a recipient of 30 under 30 India PR Moments Award – All India Award given to young achievers in the PR and communications fraternity.

A Mumbai-based integrated communications agency, Equations PR amalgamates art of dissemination and analytical thinking to assist clients with end-to-end communication services with tasks directed towards creating meaningful relations between the brands and the target audience. The agency has helped brands across sectors, including startups and venture capitalists, BFSI, education, technology, real estate, the corporate sector, fashion & lifestyle, and
entertainment aligns their respective visions and revitalize their brand positioning through its media relations, corporate communications, brand strategy and crisis management.

"We couple data insights with critical research to amplify the right voice for clients and subsequently engineer both short and longterm plans through meticulous planning & factual decision making"

The agency understands the ardent requirement of adapting, hence constantly evolving in its methods, ideologies and approaches. With its distinct art of over delivery, it ensures that the clients reap the benefits of its services with a strong, well proof and sound strategy which garners success to any communication campaign. Equations PR searches and advertises the right voice for clients, continually strengthening their identity with subtle dimensions, and even analyses consumer behaviour across various platforms, and thereby formulating engaging interactions between brands and audiences.

“We couple data insights with critical research to amplify the right voice for clients and subsequently engineer both short and long term plans through meticulous planning & factual decision making,” asserts Priyanka. This way, the clients receive an impactful narrative that helps them find their distinct voices and engage in positive conversations with audiences, rather than investing time in a soulless talk. Handcrafted powerful pitches to large media players, influencer management (connecting brands with social media influencers) and specialized strategies further augment the end consumers’ perception & instil
confidence in the client organisation.

Insightful Services
Aligning the brand with evolutionary growth, Equations PR analyses the consumer behaviour and creates a strong & sound digital as well as offline strategy while advertising the right voice for clients that strengthens their persona with changing tides. These strategies are reinforced by the company’s innate expertise in digital marketing, where they increase the brand visibility and propagate its goodwill across diverse platforms. In case of bad publicity, the firm’s crisis management helps in arming against the negative attention and tide over the crisis with relevant responses to the stakeholders and reinstate their faith in the brand. Its spokesperson training adds volumes to the client’s personality where they are able to sync with the powerful campaigns and interact effectively with the audiences.

“We ensure that our clients receive the special PERKS when they work with us. ‘Personal equity’ with ‘Personal time’ for each client on board while we ‘Enhance’ their PR experiences through our 360-degree solutions and ‘Rely’ on our services to ensure ‘Kinesis’, and ‘Success-driven’ results,” asserts Priyanka. Equations PR has so far catered to clients such as Sealed Air Corporation, IIT Roorkee, Epygen Biotech, Techved Consulting, Abans Group of companies, and many others and holds the credit of managing more than 50 projects in such a short span of time. Equations PR currently plans on partnering with midscale to high-end clients where symbiotic relationships are attributed to engagement, exuberance and trust.