Eventboxx: Striving to achieve "Innovation + Perfection

Avin Chakravarthy,DirectorTop-notch marketing strategies are crucial to survive the tough competition businesses are facing nowadays. It is also important that businesses implement marketing strategies that will help them to connect with potential customers and for that experiential marketing is the way to go forward. Offering bespoke experiential marketing services to be one of the most talked-about experiential marketing companies in the Asian Subcontinent is Eventboxx.

Eventboxx is a result-oriented company and the solutions they provide help their clients generate leads, audience, and sales. Eventboxx has always strived to offer tailor made solutions for brands from various sectors and sizes. The quality and efficiency of the services offered by the company have also helped them to develop into one of the most preferred experiential marketing service providers in the market.

Eventboxx creates experiences that have not been tried and tested in the Indian subcontinent and this commitment to bring in innovations has helped the company to become a pioneering name in the industry. "We a pure Marketing and Production company, but with our partners. We provide various solutions including Mobile App Development, Web Site, HTML5, and WebGL Development, Social Camera Effects, Filters and Lenses for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Web AR, Mobile AR Apps, IoT, and VR Content Creation to name a few. Eventboxx also offers Experiential Pop-Ups, Product Sampling, Promo Vehicles, and
Promo Staff services under the event marketing segment. We specialize in building interactive, engaging, and informative experiences for our clients.

Every client is unique, and their needs are specific. But they all are looking for thoughtful solutions, that resonate with their audiences and are measurable. I think our true USP is the problem-solving attitude that is imbibed in the company's DNA. Our ability to use data analysis to our advantage has helped us to offer best in class marketing services to our clients and we may be one of the first Event Marketing companies to use data analytics to provide solutions to our clients. Owing to the fact that our team hails from truly diverse disciplines, we are able to merge technology and unique ideas in our work which helps us to improve the quality of our offerings on a consistent basis," says Avin Chakravarthy, Marketing Director, Eventboxx.

Eventboxx creates experiences that have not been tried and tested in the Indian subcontinent and this commitment to bring in innovations has helped the company to become a pioneering name in the industry

Adding more about the uniqueness of their services, Avin adds, "We were one of the first companies to use drones in our activations, and we adhere to strict guidelines the government lays out or the company for whom we are executing the event. We also need to make sure the safety of staff, volunteers, and technicians is well-taken care of. Hence, we follow all the legal legislations and rules that needs to be followed. We work with several legal partners who help us in this endeavour. Also, we as a company have always acknowledged the importance of constant innovation and we have always prioritized on incorporating the latest technologies into our operations and as of now, we are working on VR and AR, IoT, and Data Analytics, Human-computer Interaction, and Adding additional 3D elements to an event."

Over the years, Eventboxx has not just been able to create but maintain an impressive clientele that includes Bharath Biotech, Future Group, and Zaks Sports, owing to the quality of their offerings. The growth trajectory of the company has also been something to be humble but admirable as it is completely bootstrapped effort. Eventboxx has been able to increase the scale of their operations multi-fold in 2019 and that resulted in the company clocking in an annual turnover of 1.3 crores compared to just 38 lakhs the previous year. And even with the covid19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, Eventboxx has used this year to innovate and surge ahead with a lot of new products and strategies to gear up for the years to come.