Fountainhead Conferences and Exhibition Services: A Reliable Partner Proffering Quintessential Services Globally

Harshlata Wadhwani & Raoul Narang,    Co-FoundersThe fact that the Indian exhibition industry is thriving at a growth rate of 12 percent per annum and is estimated to surpass its current worth of Rs.65,000 crore, even in today’s era of internet ubiquity, deserves more than a passing thought. This reaffirms that no YouTube video can outclass the touch and feel aspect of a product exhibited in a trade show and no website can explain its unique selling proposition better than an exhibitor at an event. Unsurprisingly, exhibition stalls hold the crown as the best shopping medium, since around 81 percent of the attendees have buying authority and 46 percent of them are from executive management. This explains why 99 percent of marketers vouch for the unique value trade shows offer over other mediums.

Realizing the importance of catching the eyes of their prospect customers amongst their rivals at the exhibition, most businesses leave the exhibition stall designing to the hands of an expert. Sure, a vendor holding expertise in the exhibition stall designing field can deliver the requirement! But a reliable partner who can see through the client’s eyes can only unfurl the utmost benefits from the exhibition stall in terms of designing a quintessential stall by utilizing best possible resources to save cost without compromising quality and delivering it on time.

Proffering precisely this is Fountainhead Conferences and Exhibition Services, a leading Exhibition Stall Design Services company in India. The company has not only earned the trust of Indian organizations but has been sought by businesses globally, as it has been centring long term relationship building as its success mantra. Boasting of a designing team that possesses over 15 years of experience in designing exhibition stands globally, Fountainhead helps clients to eclipse everyone else at the exhibition with its uncompromising eye for quality, systematic work plan, sincere efforts, innovative ideas and knowledge on current trends.

Comprehensive Services
Providing a comprehensive 360 degree kit of turnkey solutions with its state-of-the-art infrastructure and fabrication facilities, this Delhi-based company completely alleviates the stress off its client’s shoulders. “Once the clients have booked the exhibition space, we take over the entire operation and provide all the services right from taking the organizer’s approval for the map construction, basic orders like electricity and also provide catering services if required,” explains Harshlata Wadhwani, Co-Founder, Fountainhead Conferences and Exhibition Services. The company not only forms ideas and turns them into concepts that are in tandem with current market needs & prevailing solutions, but also evaluates the RoI in trade shows post the task accomplishment in order to increase the possibilities to reap higher rate on client’s overall budget. Fountainhead thoroughly analyses its clients’ resources to incept an innovative yet cost effective concept for the designing & fabrication of stall/stand and breathes life into them.

Exhibition stall fabrication requires aesthetic creative skills, which involves interior & exterior designing, decoration and overall space management expertise. A master in these arts, Fountainhead’ designers and fabrication team proficiently sculpt a platform where their customers can show case their offerings in a most innovative
yet user friendly way. The company’s cost effective 3D exhibition stand designs and portable & modular exhibition stall designs has never failed to impress the clients. Its in-house manufacturing, printing & execution team ascertains the smooth execution of exhibition stall, which grabs the eyeballs of the targeted audience, adds value to their marketing strategies and helps to establish a brand of expectations, accentuating client’s vision.

Fountainhead helps clients to eclipse everyone else at the exhibition with its uncompromising eye for quality, systematic work plan, sincere efforts, innovative ideas and knowledge on current trends

Vesting immense emphasis on maintaining a proper communication with clients, the company always crosschecks with clients and takes their approval for every minute aspect in all parts of the stand. The unique factor ensuring the success of Fountain head’ projects is the hefty investment it makes in its employees, not just in terms of money, but also in training & motivating them to always put their best foot forward during project delivery.

Global Expertise
Incepted in 2012 by Harshlata Wadhwani and her husband Raoul Narang, the company that today delivers around 220 projects annually all around the world began its path to fame by delivering the projects of Indian clients in the international markets, thanks to the high credibility and the strong chain of international partnerships it had built over the years. However, delivering a perfect project up to its benchmark with just the help of its partners was a Herculean task, since the company couldn’t monitor all the steps directly. This led to the inception of Fountainhead International B.V. in Netherlands in 2016 to ensure that one of its team members is physically present monitoring every project all around Europe.

Today, having spread its wings to the far-flung corners of the world, the company ensures that a site manager from Fountainhead or Fountainhead International flies to the site to support the client from the very beginning till the end, whether the project is in US, Russia or Hong Kong. Furthermore, providing the client a single point of contact whom they will be speaking over the phone & email as well as meeting on-site, does wonders in terms of rapport building as well.

From the moment, the pre-site team takes over the project from sales team; it continuously supports the on site operation team to take care of the eleventh hour requirements. “Be it a wedding, conference, corporate event, award ceremony or exhibition, there tend to be some last minute requirements that need to be catered then and there. Hence it’s critical that one of our representatives is present onsite so that the client is not worried at that point as well,” delineates Raoul.

Although Fountainhead has a bunch of repeat clients from India, more than 85 percent of its clients are from the international market. Conferring the credit to her team, Harshlata says, “It is my people who made the company what it is today, it’s not just me.” However, maintaining such a global clientele comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, the expectations and way of communication of a Korean client is completely different from that of a Norwegian client. Spearheaded by Harshlata who holds significant international marketing experience, Fountainhead’ international marketing team has built their expertise in understanding

different cultures. Besides the international team, the operations team in India also works in shifts to balance the time zone difference and ensure a timely project delivery. “If we didn’t handover in time, the clients wouldn’t have enough time to place their setup in the best possible way, so we take timely delivery very seriously,” adds Raoul.

"If we didn’t handover in time, the clients wouldn’t have enough time to place their setup in the best possible way,so we take timely delivery very seriously"

A Culture of Respect
Fountainhead is an Indian company that doesn’t work the Indian way. For starters, every employee is treated with equal respect and encouraged to take complete ownership for their projects. “I don’t micromanage. Once the responsibility is allotted, I handover the power to them and move on to tackle a bigger challenge that will help me take the company to the next level,” divulges Harshlata. Fountainhead gives its designing team a flexible working time to complement their late working hours.

Considering that the designing team is well versed with all the technical details one needs to deliver a stand, newbies joining the company go through two rounds of induction with them, followed by peer mentoring and a session with Harshlata to fill the gaps. Fountainhead has fostered a politics free environment, where everyone in its extremely co-operative team helps each other to learn & grow by sharing their experience, which makes the on-job training exciting.

The Road Ahead
Fountainhead always keeps its hands on the wheel and eyes on upcoming trends to constantly enhance its offerings with advanced features that would magnetize maximum footfall to the client’s stall, thus greater RoI. For instance, it has recently entered into a partnership with one of the global giants in the AR technology industry, who offer several products under the Augmented Reality umbrella along with automated visuals and laser shows.

Owing to the over whelming response its exhibition services has been garnering in Netherlands, Fountainhead has made a renewed push in the conference arena by commencing a Medical Conferences Division, an entity dedicated to organizing international medical conferences. The division will be kick starting its journey by orchestrating a Cancer Research Conference in July in Amsterdam. “Earlier, we used to just setup the stage & backdrop and manage the catering services for conferences. Now Fountainhead is moving up a step further in the value chain to organize the whole conference, while also administering activities like stage setup,” explains Harshlata. Also broadening its geographical spread, the company aims to open a branch in US as well. Taking such long strides under the able headship of Harshlata and Raoul, Fountainhead displays no sign of exhaustion in the future ahead.

Key Management:
Harshlata Wadhwani, Co-Founder
Raoul Narang, Co-Founder
Locations:Delhi(headquarter)and Eindhoven, Netherlands

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