Freeflow Ideas: Unboxing Innovative Ideas for Digital Advertising that Leaves an Impession.

Ganesh Raman,Founder & CEO

Ganesh Raman

Founder & CEO

In this digital era, where every advertisement falls victim to the skip click, developing content that laugh, cry, connect and chain the audience to its anchor of creativity is a must. Contemplative nights and volumes of creativity give a brand its essence but the ever changing customer attention turns a brand’s success into nightmares. Then how can one be assured of memorable branding? Freeflow Ideas is a name to reckon with. Enduring great ideas in its belief system, Freeflow builds, disrupts and connects with an insightful core that delivers right brand quintessence, surprises audience and remains ingrained in their lives forever.

Being proactive about client’s brand and suggesting novel ways to out-shout their competition, Freeflow is a leading advertising agency with no dominant discipline gene that unboxes eccentric fresh ideas like no other. The Brainchild of three fearless thinkers and provocateurs - Ganesh Raman (Founder & CEO), Dayanand Sheelavant (Co-Founder & Creative Director) and Jesu Dominic (Digital Chief), the agency goes beyond the straight-jacketed thinking formulas to explore realms of brand design, technology relevance and creative eminence and tell stories that captivate the world.

Streaming Creativity in Abundance
When many fear challenging formal mores, this Bangalore-based company outperforms such conventions and fetters a chain reaction that makes possible a movement of sorts. Since every brand covets differentiation and growth, Freeflow crafts distinctive creative advertising solutions by deploying its ‘Freeflow way of thinking’, a mantra it thrives upon to feel, innovate, disrupt and engage. With this line of thought, it addresses every problem for what it is rather than how it looks, understands client’s businesses inside-out and provides an
outside-in view of their business challenge, thus relentlessly bringing clarity on table. “This relentless pursuit coupled with our knowledge and experience of market, environment and consumers allow us to break-out of ordinary thinking and provide clients with new insights and ways of solving business challenges,” avers Ganesh.

Freeflow crafts distinctive creative advertising solutions by deploying its ‘Freeflow way of thinking’, a mantra it thrives upon to feel, innovate, disrupt and engage

Extending its services from ideation to designing and digital solutions on all media platforms, the company blurs the line between marketing and art, and delivers services that push the media boundaries. Being media agnostic, it follows a unique functional process – first insights, then concepts and finally execution on different and relevant media channels to leave enduring impact on the business and consumer.

When Feelings Lead Thinking
Advertising never gets boring with Freeflow for it maintains the credo of weighing feelings over thinking, exemplifying the fact that feelings truly open up minds to new ideas, thoughts and show uncharted alleys and possibilities. Citing Chris Paley’s famous quote – ‘you don’t think the way you think you think’,

Daya adds, “There is no such thing as ‘active thinking’, we are in a constant state of feeling things, and then arrive at decisions and conclusions based on how we felt about something”. Modeling this insight on human thinking in its methodological framework, Freeflow approaches clients with a wide perspective wherein it laces creativity into client’s shoes, feel what they feel, try and get into to their minds and understand what will prompt them to take the desired action while framing strategy.

Extending Support
When a client comes in with a communication problem, Freeflow’s team addresses it as a business problem considering everything, from product to service, and design to consumer understanding.
Non-conformists at the core, the ideators mitigate problems by getting under the brand’s skin and collectively immersing as one to see different facets of the problem and deliver the best possile solution. Creating awareness helps break the mundane process, think quirky, seek new learning and discover new forms of expression, a practice that reflects Freeflow’s expertise. “This unleashes a freeflow of insights, thoughts, ideas and inspiration for the digital medium and put us on the relentless pursuit of creative excellence,” elucidates Jesu.

Crafting ingenious ideasover the years, Freeflow is no less an industry pro who adapted technology and moved into the digital era in a blink of moments. It has successfully amalgamated old school notion –‘our collective grey matter’ with latest technologies including social marketing, data driven UX experiences, digital content, interactive stories and AI based solutions. “Employing our ‘Freeflow way of thinking’ and data, we always try to improvise, optimize and ensure that every piece of creative we put out is fresh, innovative and strikes a chord,” concludes the maven trio.

Key Management
Ganesh Raman, Founder & CEO
Enjoying a reputed resume with Ogilvy and Arvind on list, Ganesh drives brand strategy, brings retail acumen and anchors forceful strength in breaking all asks to strategic inputs and drives the team to deliver stellar creative results.

Dayanand Sheelavant, Co-Founder & Creative Director
Having delivered exceptional work to country’s top-tier brands, Daya’s jovial personality and artistic mind inspires many. At Freeflow, he oversees creative output and distills complexities into captivating yet simple innovative ideas.

Jesu Dominic, Digital Chief
Dwelling social media in detail, Jesu brings unique and encyclopedic marketing perspective into digital play and envisions developing customized digital footprints to elevate business development. He is truly a budget enhancer and go-getter.

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