GCS Research: Hand holding Businesses through their Growth

Deepak Khurana,, CEORegardless of whether you’re starting or expanding your business, research is vital to understanding your target markets and increasing sales. However, sometimes entrepreneurs need more than just data. They need a partner who can guide them via better information on the size of their market, their target customers and how best to reach them. Established by Deepak Khurana in 2019, GCS (Global Critique Service) Research is a global Market Research solutions company offering global access to engaged consumers across difficult-to-reach audiences such as end-consumers, healthcare providers, and B2B customers. GCS Research is trusted to deliver excellence through its bus with a reach of 5.5+ million panelists in 200+ markets and 1.6+ million surveys across domains annually. This fast growing market research solution provider has made its way to the top via its exceptional approach. GCS takes a consultative approach with its clients, thereby tailoring programs and studying to their specific needs. The firm facilitates programming, fieldwork, hosting, and analysis solutions across the Consumer, B2B, and Healthcare domains.

Explaining how things are done differently at GCS, Founder, Deepak says, “In our fast
changing world, the need for trustworthy information to make sound decisions has never been greater. At GCS, we believe that our clients require more than just a data supplier; they require a partner who can generate accurate and relevant data and turn it into actionable truth. This is why our passionately curious experts not only provide the most precise measurement, but also shape it to provide the best possible result”. More so, the main USP of GCS’ services that distinguishes it from other Market Research firms is data quality. With its own panels in 27 countries and partnerships with local panel providers in 10 countries, GCS Research has set benchmarks in the online market research segment. “We work hard to ensure that the right respondent is available for the right project. We provide high-quality, cost-effective sampling in the shortest amount of time. To encourage participation, increase response rates, and deliver high quality results, our sampling methods and panels are built on sophisticated technology, honest communication, and respectful compensation”, explains Deepak.

Global Critique Service offers clients and market research firms global sampling and data collection services. The company makes surveying extremely simple for audiences and provides high-quality data collection services. “Our passion is to develop an easy-to-use platform for clients and respondents to gather high-quality responses and superior results”, says Deepak. As a trusted global partner for digital data collection, GCS’ innovative technology and sampling methodologies provide a comprehensive understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviours. The company believes that the client should be able to contact a human being to get an answer to any query at any point of time in a day. Accordingly, the team at GCS is available every day, after hours, on weekends, and holidays to answer client questions by phone or mail.

Future is an Opportunity
“The future is unknown, but it is not bleak”, says Deepak. Over the last few weeks, GCS has displayed incredible human resilience as its data visionaries went ahead and leveraged the power of analytics and automation to generate value from new types and sources of data. “Recovery may be some time away, but it will come, and businesses that are best prepared for this digital future will have the best chance of not only surviving, but also prospering. Now is an excellent time to take a pragmatic look at our IT infrastructure and deter-mine whether they have built a resilient business model capable of quickly adapting to future disruptions”, signs off Deepak.