GMI Research Solution: Assistance For Business And Investment Decisions

Mohammad Sahid,Vice President

Mohammad Sahid

Vice President

Any business requires a lot of research analytics for strategizing and putting the best foot forward for critical business decisions, especially while entering a new market. Many research and consulting firms help their clients with the valuable information required for a particular business strategy or a particular market. GMI research is market research and consulting firm that provides real-time research-based solutions to business executives and investment professionals to assist them in the business and investment decisions. The company was started in 2015 with its headquarters in Gurgaon and now has offices in Kanpur and Dublin (Ireland). The company provides syndicated research report, customized research, sales enablement research, data analytics, and desk research for Electronics & Semiconductors, ICT, Energy & Power, Healthcare, Automotive, CPG, Food & Beverages and Chemical industries. Our research helps business leaders through independent fact-based insight, ensuring their business achieve success by beating the competition.

Providing Valuable Insights For Emerging & Established Markets
The products and services provided by GMI research can be bucketed into 4 categories- marketing intelligence, competitive intelligence, syndicate research reports, and data analytics. The Core expertise or the USP of the company is that it provides research-based solutions and insights to its clients for
emerging markets. GMI research keeps a track on emerging markets as well as on developed market trends, thus helping its clients with the relevant strategy to enter in a particular market.This differentiates it from the other competitors in the market. The clients come to GMI research with different set of challenges and GMI assists them with practical and reliable solutions.

Considering a case scenario where one of the clients wanted to enter a cloud market in Saudi Arabia, GMI research spent 2.5 months on research on the case. It further presented him with insights, based on detailed study and the opinions of different stakeholders involved in the cloud market. The company thus helped him to make an informed decision to whether to enter the market, backed on a sturdy base of information.

The company provides syndicated research report, customized research, sales enablement research, data analytics, and desk research for electronics & semiconductors

Being An Information Company, Clients are The Major Assets
GMI Research team started with a team of 3 people. It further catered to one of the largest software company. Gradually, it diversified into other fields like syndicate research, market intelligence analytics and data analytics. It thus grew from 3 to 50 people working meticulously to take the company to new heights. As an information company, GMI Research understands that its clients are its most valued assets and catering to their requirements is a priority.

The company hires professionals who have been in the field of research since long. Employee training is an essential part of employee development and along with that, it also makes sure that all its employees are kept in tunes with the latest industrial trends.

Every market requires a unique set of solutions; there is no single key to every door. The basic research methodology at GMI Research comprises of a primary and secondary research for data collection and market forecasting with the help of 50 in-house databases, to provides its clients with real-time analytics.

Although the pandemic has impacted the current productivity yet GMI Research is determined to achieve some short-term goals in the next 2-3 years. It plans to expand its team size to 100 people on-board and to produce 500 research reports in a year, thus doubling the revenue.