Groupé MRP India: Redefining Customer Experience the Creative Way

Sumit Govind Sharma, Founder & CEO

Sumit Govind Sharma

Founder & CEO

Wearing a navy-blue suit over a frost white shirt with a tie that compliments the whole attire, a suave man with his young male assistant walked into a luxury-car showroom in Mumbai. Looking at the person, he evoked the feeling of a purchase. The salesmen swiftly activated the regular sales information mode. What they did not know was that the man had other plans that could actually better their overall sales. The man and the assistant who had walked into the outlet and experienced the customer engagement process was the chief strategist and creative head of Groupé MRP an integrated Marketing and Retail Solutions company that provided creative Customer Experience Solutions.

In pursuit of completely revamping the ‘customer experience’ delivery at the outlet of the largest luxury car brand in India, Groupé MRP started right from the ground level, starting with a first hand walk-through of the customer engagement process, where a gap-analysis was done to create better understanding in the team. Then, the design team used the ‘innovations’ objective to design a complete experience for a prospective buyer walking into a showroom. The elements which should carry the brand legacy were identified. Each was re created to bring-in the Mercedes-Benz experience. As the customerdrove into the dealership, he was handed a custom designed Valet Tag to the experience at the seating area where he was handed a bottle of Water created for Mercedes-Benz. Various elements in the décor were changed to be able to drive through the Mercedes-Benz experience. The much talked about element which got many pleasant remarks from the customers was the coffee stencil, which made a lasting impression of the Mercedes-Benz Star Logo on the Coffee! Even while the customers took delivery of the cars, there was an assortment of items right from the RC book to the car key box which was handed-over in a unique Mercedes-Benz style.

Cut to the present. Having started with just one outlet, Groupé MRP is the brand’s exclusive India-partner catering to their 100+ dealer ships across the country. This tells you the story of Groupé MRP and its passion for redefining customer experience and creating loyalty.

Difference Takes a Difference
Groupé MRPs' anecdote is also the story of evolution of marketing & branding in India. Having commenced its journey from the traditional marketing era and witnessed the entire revolution of digital marketing all along the company today specializes in engendering customer experience and loyalty ‘solutions' by leveraging the best of both worlds digital and traditional marketing. “Every brand is different, and they all need to narrate different stories. We work with companies regardless of their size and across different verticals like Automobile brands to FMCG companies, Travel solution providers, Alcobev brands and many more,” asserts Sumit Govind Sharma, Founder & CEO, Groupé MRP.

For instance, for one of India’s favorite premium foreign whisky brands, Groupé MRP redefined customer experience by introducing an exclusively designed service tray that projects the brand logo in an attractive way, alongside ice cubes designed in the shape of diamond which enlivens the luxury feeling. “Helping us remain diverse yet composed is our handpicked team which is a healthy mix of brand strategists marketing experts and retail professionals who are
aligned with our vision of creating customer delight”Sumit adds.

Groupé MRP comprises an amalgamation of strategically designed functional departments. This includes a dedicated Client Relationship Team that interacts with the clients and understands their pain-points, and a Creative Team,built under the aegis of brand strategists & designers with decades of cumulative experience of the core team comprising of Zahid Shaikh(Director-Client Relationship & Creatives), Shrinivas Vasishta, Director-Digital and Samier Amritwar (Director-Strategy), who keenly focus on brain storming, conceptualization & design. Sumit oversees each and every campaign from the standpoint of a brand manager, and his better half, Priya Sumit Sharma, (Director-Operations), streamlines the complete operations. An additional Quality Check team bolsters the entire squad.

Technology can be used in a Stronger Way
Interestingly, Groupé MRP also takes pride in a dedicated technology team marshaled by Rajeev Ubhe(Director - Technology), who has built & maintains a one-of-its-kind robust technology platform. “While redesigning customer experience comes the responsibility to manage the touch points. Imagine the nightmare when 100+ outlets start telephone-calling to order branded water bottles or when the whiskey brand needs more branded glasses. We invested significantly in developing a robust marketplace to automate this process, wherein every dealer logs-in, places the order, and thus gets an easy, seamless experience, while our clients get access to real time activity log,” adjoins Sumit.

The platform not only aids the clients but has also helped Groupé MRP to come-up with niche solutions like The Luxe Loyalty an online loyalty program that provides multiple benefits to associated brands such as the ability to get access to customer database which helps to customize promotions and analyze customer information such as buying patterns. This significantly helps in creating strategies for improved market segmentation and better customer relationship management. One of the recent loyalty strategies was designed for a leading motorcycle brand, wherein Groupé MRP invited the riders to post ride photos on its
social media platform with reward points assured and the response was quite overwhelming. When the users themselves share authentic stories of wonderful riding experiences through pictures, it automatically tethers the brand image to those experiences.

Supporting MDA agrocot’s operations is its rich know how in choosing the right locations that are Abundant in production as well as the right suppliers in those locations

A Story of Sheer Will & Passion
“Over the past 16 years, we have never done cold calling. All our business has come through either reference or word of mouth,” proclaims Sumit. After his three year stint with Ravalgaon Confectionery(under the guidance of Nandu Rajadhyax) and four year stint with the UB Group (under the guidance of Debabrata Banerjee), he started the company from the scratch. The one man army had enough confidence in him to take-up the sheer challenge of going back to the UB Group, sit on the other side of the table, and present his propositions. The acquaintance with his abilities made the UB group’s decision easier. Thus, Sumit bagged his first client. Executing his vision of ensuring customer delight and not just mere satisfaction in this project itself culminated in UB group referring him to its league of players. There has been no turning back for Groupé MRP ever since then. “With offices in Dubai, Singapore & US, we have been growing at a steady pace. In fact, in the previous year, we recorded a growth of 25-30 percent. But the current financial year with the economy struggling and brands trimming their marketing spend has been a lean one for us. In order to counter this, we over the past couple of years have further oiled our engine and gone global,” Sumit adjoins.

It’s not surprising that its portfolio has landed a number of international corporate giants as clients, ranging over a wide horizon ranging from bottled water brands to consumer electronics & electrical brands, and also the largest entertainment production brand. While this sounds like an ideal recipe for additional stress inhouse, it’s quite the opposite. The difference it makes for its clients can be traced back to its unique work culture. Operating from a bungalow in Mumbai, Groupé MRP exists as a true family that considers office as a home away from home. While creating anecdotes for clients, they always find time to talk the friendly way, celebrate even the smallest of achievements in everyone’s life, have food together on the terrace, fight like siblings, and have a laugh about it later.

The Pipeline
Going forward, the company has sketched its blueprint for 2025 in bold letters, which includes its plan to have 15 offices across different parts of the world. While Groupé MRP is all set to launch its offices in Mauritius, Moscow and Melbourne, on the cards is a plan to expand its footprint to the Middle East and operations to Africa, which indeed are high-potential markets. Launching an office in Chile to tap into the South American market is also in the pipeline.

Key Management:
Sumit Govind Sharma, Founder & CEO
An MBA in marketing by qualification, Sumit had close to seven years of experience in the marketing industry before starting his own venture in 2003. While he always wanted to be his own boss, the creators in the industry that he recognized inspired him to be one.

•Priya Sumit Sharma, Director - Operations
“Operations Planning & Execution is the key for the success of every project. We have developed systems, which help us in seamless planning, execution and deliverables”.

•Zahid Shaikh, Director - Client Relationship & Creatives
“Marketing Strategy has emerged beyond the traditional route and is now a medium where you need to reach a sharper target through customer behavior. Hence, it is important for the brand to develop a complete experience that can be measured”.

•Samier Amritwar, Director – Strategy
“Marketing Strategy for any Product/Service in the current age is ‘Smart & Sharp Omnipresence’ considering the number of touchpoints the targeted consumer currently spends, plus the attention span across multiple touchpoints/devices”.

•Rajeev Ubhe, Director – Technology
“Technologies such as the web, mobile phones, social media, and customer relationship management systems help businesses grow & prosper, create relationships strengthen the effectiveness of organizations, allow people to learn about one another and greatly affect the way companies communicate with prospective customers.

Groupé MRP in Spotlight:
•An integrated Marketing and Retail Solutions company that breathes creativity, and comprises an amalgamation of strategically designed functional departments
•A creative agency redefining the customer experience for leading corporate giants, SMEs
& Startups alike.
•Has a one-of-its-kind robust technology platform that acts as a marketplace for its
•Operates globally

Year of Establishment: 2003

Offices: Mumbai(Headquarter), Dubai, Singapore & US.

Verticals: Customer Experience Design,The Luxe Loyalty, Customer Engagement Programs, Creative Marketing Solutions, Digital Marketing Solutions and Tourism Redesigned Strategies

Key Clients: Mercedes-Benz, Diageo, UBL, Mahindra, Big Bazaar, Cello Pens, J K Helene Curtis, Bisleri, and Indian Oil to name a few.