Hazel Outlook: Bridging the Gap between the Regional Media & Brands for a Better Visibility & Scalability

Devendra Sampat Mali, ,FounderWay to a client’s heart is through a well placed strategy and consumer oriented results. Though increasing communication mediums are paving ways to new age PR agencies, many continue to lack the grassroots level connection that can help a brand soar among the general population as well as the industrial population of the region, state or even country. Helping high end names like Ola(for branding in Maharashtra), Zivame and many more make their way into the upcoming city of Pune, Hazel Outlook is a highly comprehensive PR agency renowned majorly for Hospitality, Fashion & Education, attuned with the city’s pulse and offering the much needed the support of the local collaborations for an immediate brand presence. With an industrial experience of seven years, Devendraa Mali, Founder, Hazel Outlook understands the necessity of understanding the most important stakeholders of the PR industry, the brand and the media. He states, “We have strong relations with the regional media that helped us be the local face of our clients and uphold their foundation by making clear statements and announcements on their behalf”.

With an in-depth knowledge in almost every domain, it offers the right PR and content tool to craft the perfect story that is compliant with the client requirement as well the journalists’ guideline

A Clear Interaction
While several PR agencies are plagued by unrealistic expectations and opaque communication, Hazel Outlook emphasises on a clear interaction where Devendraa and the team consult them with respect to the media practices, offer them an actual market insight and a competitive level of study that ensures that their every penny only goes into marketing their name. With the help of their media relations & publicity offering, the clients can avail a comprehensive report on the on-going operations. With Hazel’s extensive knowledge of the city events, they help them craft their event and media modules that help them leverage maximum benefit in terms of visibility and scalability in top publications & media houses. Harbouring an experience of handling esteemed projects like Marriot, Sheraton, Hilton and Radison Blu, Devendraa, further adds, “For instance, if the client wants to organise a particular press event, we give them good dates, we give them locations, events and time report for that particular date. Such predictions assist in making wise decisions and attract good media”.

While many customers often complain of the unwelcoming
approach of several publishing houses, Hazel gently guides them towards the true functionality of the media. With an in-depth knowledge in almost every domain, it offers the right PR and content tool to craft the perfect story that is compliant with the client requirement as well the journalists’ guideline. “By understanding the dimensions of journalist and clients' mindset, we create realistic goals and strive to be as valuable to the media as the media is to our clients,” asserts Devendraa. With its additional services of media buying & advertising, press dissemination, and celebrity management, to name a few, Hazel undertakes an extensive market research to effectively spot a market trend, carry out precise analysis, monitor daily media ongoing, track & measure brand reputation, where the clients are benefitted by cost-effective solution, insightful metrics and analyses covering all their stated needs

Though Devendraa believes in the power of true blue traditional media, he does not hesitate in taking the necessary steps to go with the times and industrial evolution. With social media being one of the most indispensible branding platforms, Hazel is busy curating a new set of services like core blogging and social media practices that are focused entirely on building the clients’ digital presence. Though PR industry has undergone several undulations, thanks to the shoddy work by several inexperienced professionals & freelancers, Devendraa and his team are adamant on building a new reputation for the PR professionals based on trust and reliance.