Hype UP Media: Scale Up Your Brand To New Dimension With Cost Effective & Result Driven Strategies

Dikesh Rao,Co-founder & CEO

Dikesh Rao

Co-founder & CEO

Digital Marketing & Advertising industry is growing rapidly, a USD 539 million spend is predicted by 2024. Brands are relying on digital marketing because targeted audience can be reached in a cost effective, trackable & measurable way. Gurugram based HypeUp Media Pvt. Ltd. is an example of one such company that facilitates brands to sell their products and services via social media platforms and helps them establish trust and reputation with their audience. HypeUp Media is a Brand & Influencer Management company founded with a vision to give Brands Hype & Growth with its cost effective & result driven strategies. Simultaneously, the company also helps influencers grow globally plus monetize talents. Thing that make HypeUp Media Unique is its creative result driven strategies.

All Kind Of Marketing Solutions To Grow Businesses
“We are committed to give your business 360 degree digital solutions with cost effective & result driven strategies,”says Dikesh Rao, Co-founder & CEO at HypeUp Media.

The team at HypeUp Media offers a portfolio of solutions to help businesses grow. These include, first, Influencer Marketing. The role that an influencer marketing platform plays
for a brand is crucial. It helps a company understand the people who follow a particular influencer and the impact that an influencer can create for its product or services. Individuals are no longer interested in traditional forms of advertising and influencer marketing provides an approach (if executed correctly) that is more engaging. HypeUp Media helps brands reach the niche audience with most relevant Influencers.

Second, Brand Management, a function of marketing that helps increase the value of a brand’s product line or services over time. The team at HypeUp Media helps companies choose what matters to the business & gives them a 360* digital growth.

We are committed to give your business 360 degree digital solutions with cost effective & result driven strategies

Third, Talent Management, HypeUp Media makes talents ‘Viral’ globally plus monetize talents. Individuals can take their talents to new heights by teaming up with the team at HypeUp Media.

Fourth, Affiliate marketing, this form of marketing is a popular tactic to generate online revenue and drive sales. It is extremely beneficial to affiliate marketers and the brand. The team at HypeUp Media works towards the same and helps businesses get sales at lowest affiliate commissions.

Quality is a priority at HypeUp Media and hence the team ensures that every brand it partners with, experiences high business Growth. The company has completed over 1000 projects and reached an approximately 1 Billion audience, digitally. It also has a partnership with over 22000 influencers of various niche that help promote and increase sales for businesses. Happy Client list of HypeUp Media includes StartUps to Unicorns.

Since its establishment, HypeUp Media has worked to deliver the best for each of its clients and its list of‘happy clients’ is the testimony to the same. Even in the future the company hopes to successfully help brands & startups in their marketing & Growth by leveraging its customizable knowledge and digital marketing tactics. “We hope to bring in more hacks & revolutionize digital marketing in India,” concludes Dikesh Rao.