Innovative Media Services: Powerful Ideas, Razor-sharp Execution

Sanjay Singhania, Managing Director

Sanjay Singhania

Managing Director

In 2019, a non-profit organization was looking to partner with an advertising & marketing firm to organize a walkathon to raise awareness regarding a certain ailment. Post deliberation, the firm put its trust in New Delhi headquartered firm Innovative Media Services (IMS), an eminent provider of outdoor and digital marketing solutions. The IMS team had to go through an uphill battle to research set execute monitor and deliver results to gain registrations for the event in just a span of 10 days. Team IMS rolled into action and delivered a highly successful campaign that had witnessed numerous registrations till the very last minute. Although several leading dailies had earlier declined covering the event, the online organic popularity made them float the stories in their subsequent editions.

Specializing in rendering comprehensive branding solutions including outdoor advertising, retail branding, digital marketing, creative design, event promotion, cinema advertising and barter deals, IMS has been scripting unparalleled success stories for various clients since 2011. The 60 people strong team has worked with a bevy of clients who have been continuing their association with IMS for several years.

Simple Yet Effective Communication
Outdoor and retail branding hold the capability to give any product a standout brand image. Measuring those prospects, IMS began its journey with outdoor (OOH) advertising and has branched-off in every stream of advertisement. The firm also renders digital marketing service, through
which it offers tailor made advertising and branding solutions to SMEs, MSMEs and big brands. IMS’ digital marketing services help clients reach-out to wider volume of target audience, thereby increasing their ROI. Another addition to the firm’s service roster is ‘barter deals’, which enable clients to exchange their advertisement without any fiscal deal. Additionally, IMS helps companies with event management solutions for product launches and multiple interactive sessions.

IMS aims at keeping the communication between brands and their respective target groups ‘simple’ yet effective, which helps derive better traction and likelihood for clients

“We at IMS pay best of our creative attention to ‘simplicity’,” explains Sanjay Singhania, Managing Director, IMS. The firm thus aims at keeping the communication between brands and their respective target groups ‘simple’ yet effective, which helps derive better traction and likelihood for clients. Team IMS helps clients achieve the targeted outcomes(in terms of leads, engagement and sales) as proposed; thereby quantifying the efficacy of its services.

IMS also counts its positive working environ and highly specialized niche as factors that have driven the firm towards inscribing massive success in the industry. Armed with an adaptable team that has embraced diversity, the company has carved a niche for itself in the market. “Once you’re a part of our IMS family, the spontaneous work atmosphere is infectious,” adds Sanjay.

Well Scripted Processes & Plans
IMS’ creative ideas are based on brain racking rationale conceptualized by the team over multiple team sessions. The process begins with putting-forth the objective by the team lead to members, who then come up with individual ideas based on their research and reflection. Next, a team session is conducted, where individual team members present their ideas distinctly. The final idea then goes to the production team for making the creative and ad copy pitch, and finally it reaches the execution stage.

The firm applies a similar structured approach to map its growth. In an attempt to stay relevant with the industry landscape, IMS has adopted digital marketing, starting with a revamped brand logo. Having diversified into the education sector as well, the firm has launched its brand Internet Marketing School, which is now a sought after destination for career seekers in the digital marketing domain. Having grown at over 40 percent YOY, IMS now intends to keep-up similarpace in the forthcoming years.