K2 Communications: Redefining PR

Shiv S Devraaj,Founder & CEO

Shiv S Devraaj

Founder & CEO

Public Relations is all about managing the clients’ image and positioning them in a slot that is suitable to the product /service they offer. In short, it is all about dominating the market through appropriate branding and packaging. It involves creating impressive content in headlines, stories and articles that are part of the selling strategy as also identifying opportunities for co-branding and liaising with the media and the Government. Of course, this list is not exhaustive. What is significant is that the whole exercise is done with feet on the ground and head held high. PR should be rooted in a strong culture of ethics and integrity and that’s where K2 Communications comes from.

This Bangalore-based agency follows the dictum advocated by Stuart Ewen (expert on media and consumer culture) that PR is a "history of a battle for what reality is and how people will see and understand reality". In its fifteen years of intensive industry experience, K2 has learnt the science of understanding and analyzing situations and mastered the art of presentation and expression,
by creatively aligning clients’ needs and strategically positioning the brands for media and the public to relate to.

K2incorporates collaborative and syndicated approaches to conjoin multiple media inputs to translate them into impactful client strategies

It is also adept at employing and leveraging new age tools and methods to maximize client benefits. K2 incorporates collaborative and syndicated approaches to conjoin multiple media inputs to translate them into impactful client strategies. With these underlying principles guiding its operations, K2 has delivered nearly a staggering one lakh PR campaigns, worked with 200 clients from IT, dotcom, e-Commerce to start ups, healthcare, education and real estate sectors were amongst other portfolio, and published hundreds of articles including Op-ed pieces. These values have not only shaped positive and upbeat client image but have also successfully influenced the target audience and created distinguished value for the clients. While media is the lifeline for a PR exercise, K2 believes in more than press releases or press conferences. It applies innovative ideas for enhancing visibility and truly believes that an idea shared is a million dollar earned.

PR that’s par excellence:
K2’s proficiency extends further to effective media advocacy,
adept crisis management,press conferences, public contact programs and crisp content press statement. Leveraging its tactical expertise in intense industry research and incisive analysis, K2 has driven several prestigious campaigns through its Corporates’ External Relations Cell(CERC). Being cloud-powered, team K2 shares all its research findings with organizational silos to show a unified picture of the findings to the clients. With a cumulative experience of 40 years in this 'tradigital' era, K2 keenly aligns itself with all paradigm shifts in communication, thanks to the team’s astuteness in the publication spectrum.

Its content & editorial team (CET)creates compelling content and provides editorial support to K2’s clients in the corporate and publishing world with attention-grabbing articles compiled by experts and professionals across the country.

By tracking the information flow and its dissemination to diverse arenas of communication through intense industry research, and incisive analysis of client requisites, K2 becomes the stepping stone leading to success for all businesses. To give a more stable and conducive market environment to clients, K2 is currently nurturing another flagship business, PR insurance that gives an image cover for clients (especially retail clients & startups).“Spending some of your marketing budgets on PR would enhance your business’ image in the long run, proving to be a giant leap for your brand,” assures Shiv Shankar Devaraaj, Founder & CEO, K2 Communications.