Konnections: Knowledge Driven Communication Combined With Creativity & Uniqueness

Mukta Kumar, Director - Communications,Anurag Communication, Director - Operations
Anurag Kumar, Director - Operations
Mukta Kumar, Director - Communications
The role of the Indian PR industry is evolving and the sector has been witnessing tremendous growth over the last few years. Reputation management and stakeholder communication are becoming an integral part of the marketing spends and the corporate sector is looking up to agencies as agents of change. Well-positioned to build on the marked improvement in acceptance and growth of agencies is Konnections, a Hyderabad headquartered integrated marketing communication consultancy which has been on a consistent growth path since its inception.

Founded in 2010, the dynamic firm is known for its path-breaking and assertive work on brand strategies and offers specialized services in external and internal communication management, crisis communication and reputation enhancement. With a strong foundation of an experienced team, Konnections has a presence across Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi. Adept at designing solutions that are rooted in the client's business strategy and market dynamics, the firm has today emerged as one of the leading players in the communication industry.
Effective Communication
PR is the best way to create awareness and build the reputation of an organization or brand. “The PR industry in India is very positive and there is the higher focus that is given to communication over the years. We have noticed that there is tremendous scope in regional markets as clients really appreciate the knowledge of local sensitivity and market intelligence that we bring to the table. There are large opportunities waiting but agencies have to work towards smarter ways of communication and evolve themselves to suit the present day business requirements” explains Mukta Kumar, Director - Communications, Konnections.

"Konnections provides purpose-driven positioning on social platforms to inspire, organize and energize stakeholders with its specialised social media services"

Konnections partners with clients to understand their specific goals and build a knowledge-driven strategy. Providing strategic plans, the firm backs them with a strong execution arm to ensure that the message is communicated in a positive and clear manner to the target audience. Offering a wide gamut of PR solutions such as Image Audit (Perception study and Analysis), Media Relations, Personality Profiling, Consumer Relations, Financial Communications, Industry Communications, Employee Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Digital PR and Event Management, Konnections ensures client success and delivers across geographies.

Digital Services & Crisis Management Solutions
In today’s day and age,
incorporating digital strategies has become a key derivative. Konnections provides purpose-driven positioning on social platforms to inspire, organize and energize stakeholders with its specialised social media services. The firm’s roster of digital services includes Social Media Strategies & Execution through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Konnections also aids clients through SEO, E-Newsletters, E-mailers, E-Brochures and multimedia presentations.

In addition to digital solutions, Konnections has also built expertise in enabling clients to deal with crisis management. “A crisis can be a defining moment for an organization where reputation that has been built over decades can be destroyed in a matter of seconds,” says Mukta. The firm thus helps clients deal tactfully with media in a situation of the crisis through effective guidelines and response mechanism.

Building Lasting Relationships
Keeping clients’ business success as the top priority, Konnections focuses on providing the highest standards of client service, regular industry insight, creativity and deep industry knowledge, helping clients and brands engage with key audience and customers. “We’re inspired by the fact that one can leverage communications to change the world and the way it responds to brands, reputations and ideas. We believe in honest, trustworthy and long-term relationships with our client and this leads us to become their partners in progress,” adds Mukta. Having registered a steady growth rate of 10-15 percent since its very inception, Konnections is now looking to make the best of the opportunities that lie ahead in the communications industry.