Konsole Group: One-Stop Solution for any Business Branding &Growth Issues

Amandeep Singh Bhatia,   Co-Founder & COO

Amandeep Singh Bhatia

Co-Founder & COO

Advertising plays a crucial role in every business, as it has the potential to introduce the products or services to the right customers which indeed creates awareness and augments sales. Over time marketing and advertising services have gained incredible significance and have emerged as a service providers to other businesses. One such prestigious marketing agency, Konsole Group was established in 2008 in Chhattisgarh. Presently, Harpreet Singh Dhoddy serves as Konsole's CEO, and Amandeep Singh Bhatia is the Co-Founder & COO, Suyash Chandel, Co-Founder& CFO, Zamauddin Khan, Co-Founder &CMO, and Pushpendra Singh, Co-Founder & CSO are playing a vital role in Konsole's management. The company offers advertising and branding solutions to its clients that include brand name logos, sales campaigns SEO, SEM, SMM, Smart SMS, Voice calls, On Ground Surveys, Event Management, and more.

Over 13 years, Konsole Group has served more than 1000 clients across various sectors such as Political Personalities, Govt. Departments, Private Business Firms so on. Being a fully serviced digital agency, the group offers varied services that include Mobile Marketing, Digital Marketing, Branding & Communication, and Advertising & PR.

In the present scenario, the competition among businesses is escalating with each passing day. Thus, the organizationstend to approach the frontrunner marketing agency to develop their digital presence, generate potential business leads, enhance sales via social media, produce the best ROI and ROAS, and engage the target audience, and
most importantly brand and marketing solutions. Consequently, Konsole Group comes up with innovative solutions to counter its client's marketing issues.

The group is one of the most experienced Digital Marketing Firm in CG possessing. It has more than 13 years of experience serving more than 1000 clients. Konsole's key USP is its strong R&D, inventing smart & technology based solutions to address clients' requirements. The group also constantly monitors the latest technological advancement across the globe and implements them in its services to ensure an improved output to its clients.

Konsole is a one stop solution for the organization's marketing needs that includes content curation, publishing, amplification, developing two-way communication, to generating business leads and more. Along side, Konsole offers various technology infused services and solutions to its clients such as listening tools to enhance insights into campaigns and to grab the attention of the target audience. Additionally, it also offers an InHouse bulk SMS from Mera Sandesh to set up an SMS campaign. Also, it has recently been focusing on upgrading its services that include Smart SMS service, MeraSandesh 3.0 Service, and Complete E-Commerce Service.

Konsole's key USP is its strong R&D, inventing smart & technology-based solutions to address clients' requirements

Cases Depicting Konsole's Efficiency
Serving MATS University whose requirement was to generate Potential leads for Admission in various Graduation, Post-Graduation courses for the session. This project went on for about six months and resulted in 5800 Leads across the nation and five foreign countries. Likewise, while working with Sapphire Greens from April 2020 the firm had a goal to reach out to property buyers interested in Luxury Homes & Plots. To date, Konsole has launched a Lead Generation Campaign, SEO & Google Adwords for the two Projects of the Group. Furthermore, it has generated over 3000 Leads and around more than 500 monthly website visitors and is expecting to manage a 360 degree Social Media Campaign for Sapphire Greens.

Alongside this, Konsole has several other clients some of the top names are Raheja Group, Avinash Group, AC TMT, MATS University, GK Honda, GK Group, Sapphire Greens, Academic World School, Rungta Group of Institutions and more.

Konsole Group has evolved as the best digital marketing agency in central India. It further eyes National and International level. Intending to serve across the globe and recognise its client's requirements to bring out the ideal solution on the best budget.