Krish Productions: A One-Stop Experiential Marketing Company Creating & Driving Brand Vitality

Jayant Varma,FounderExperiential is a methodology, not a medium. With the emerging media entering the marketplace on a regular basis, vying for consumers’ attention has become increasingly difficult. But how to tap into the power of influencers, understand their voice and ensure their tone & style? In the times when brands can’t afford to promote themselves amongst the current stiff and digitized competitive market, Krish Productions is helping companies tap into the power of experiential marketing without putting RoI in jeopardy. Standing firm since 2004, Krish Productions is acting as a cornerstone of umpteen corporates, event management companies, automobile companies, wedding companies, media agencies, private functions, sports events, exhibitions and much more.

Fanatical about bringing brands to life, detailing every minute aspect with clients, inducing strategy with creative thinking, and exploiting thriving experiential marketing services, it incorporates everything from concept creation to asset development & production in such a way that contours into a powerful brand activation. “We do not offer a tangible service. Working at a realm where we have touched every industry, understanding the psyche of the client & its target consumers and creating an impactful, fun & engaging experience, we have bedecked Krish Productions with world-class experiences that resonate across shared,
earned and owned media,” asserts Jayant Varma, Founder, Krish Productions.

Leveraging its in-house infrastructure facilities, advanced AI, AR, VR, AV, sound, lighting and many others, the company offers end-to-end solutions for all kinds of event needs and requirements – logistical, technical and management. For instance, when promoting a car, Krish creates an AI booth where customers can come and experience the look and feel of the car wearing a 3D glass. This can be replicated even in a society, where the mode (on-road, off-road, country-side or mountains) can be implied and experienced. Making its dedicated team participate in several national and international exhibitions and events, Krish Productions acquaints them with the latest technologies showcased there and diversifies their knowledge & experience, which helps in creating such amazing experiences. Enticing clients with such unique and integrated experiential marketing event experiences, Krish trumps a huge list of clientele like Audi, Mercedes Benz, Omega watches, BPCL, Capegemini, WNS, Barclays, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, Taj Group of Hotels, JW Mariott Group of Hotels, Conrad by Hornad, Emerson and many others.

We have bedecked Krish Productions with world-class experiences that resonate across shared, earned and owned media

Krish’s expertise further lies in dealing with unexpected circumstances. Be it the recent Pune convention, where the rains had created havoc and flooded the entire setup for an event that a VVIP was to grace, Krish revamped it thoroughly overnight (deploying its years of handy expertise, required extravagant fabrics and core labourers & workers) and was ready the next day to welcome guests. Further, Krish’s pre-strategized KPIs help clients manage budgets and timelines and even measure their RoI. Putting immense emphasis on client’s data security, the company secures every information behind walls of firewalls and encrypted technologies, providing access only to members who need them.

Plans Further
Having promulgated across nation due to its epitome of achievements in the experiential marketing sector (producing and managing special events), Krish has accumulated huge praises & recognitions that reflects in numerous client testimonials it has received over the years. With offices in Pune, Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai and Udaipur, it plans to expand PAN India, clenching valuable tie-ups with different venues, and adding-on the right talent to its experienced pool of performers.