MAA Communications Limited: Strengthening Brand Connection via Integrated Marketing Communication, Media-neutral Science & Marketing Intelligence

Akshar Peerbhoy, COOConnecting the dots between brands and their audience with the pen of creativity, advertising and strategy crafts the dexterity of a creative advertising agency, and MAA Communication is absolutely the right name to reckon on. A pure play integrated marketing communication, media neutral science and market intelligence company, this Bangalore based agency has carved a niche in the industry by proffering end-to-end communication solutions with insightful, innovative marketing strategies. This builds compelling brand identities and solidifies brand’s connection with its congregators.

Though its foundational stone was laid by Ayaz Peerbhoy (one of the founding fathers of advertising in India) way back in 1959, the company, today, is driven by the promising hands of Bunty Peerbhoy (Chairman) and Akshar Peerbhoy (COO) “Since our inception, we have been transforming and realigning ourselves with the changing media-scape, which resulted in us becoming one of the leading innovative communication and thoroughbred Indian agencies in the country,” says Akshar. The numerous awards that the company has won and the tremendous
goodwill that it has in the industry stand testament to this position.

Focused on quality, customer satisfaction and innovation, the company adopts a collaborative model when engaging with clients to deliver more effective results, besides to stering satisfying, long-term relationships

#Oneplay #UnifiedVision
Metamorphosing in its inimitable trademark style, the company recently established MAA #Oneplay, which exemplifies its core values to deliver the promise of one team, working towards one goal, with one unified vision while simultaneously leveraging cutting-edge, modern marketing strategies to deliver best- in-class quality and seamless solutions that revolutionize the face of branding and advertising. With MAA #Oneplay, the company has steered itself into the future of marketing, or what they call the #NewWave of marketing.

A maestro of experience and expertise, MAA offers myriad services including Content (to aid discovery, evaluation and conversion of solutions)Inclusive Marketing Communication (reaching the right customer at the right time using the right platform. Digital(social marketing, web marketing, SEO, SEM), Video (motion graphics to TV commercials)and Strategy (through market analysis and clientele analysis). Focused on quality, customer satisfaction and
innovation, the company adopts a collaborative model when engaging with clients to deliver more effective results, besides to stering satisfying, long-term relationships. MAA closely observes the market and scrutinizes the minutest shifts to predict future movements and accordingly proffer customer-centric solutions, which remain relevant for a reasonable of time frame.

Delivering Results Like No Other
Creating a viaduct for clients, who initially started with traditional marketing, to walk through the process of how strategy, planning and execution change in the digital world is no less than a struggle. Not everyone can do this with elan, but MAA consistently churns out innovative ideas to capture, retain and establish a strong connection between the client and the end-user. “We stay nimble, are open to change, and foster a dynamic work culture that is responsive to market shifts in terms of trends and customer preferences. Our strategy is to be the best at what we do, help in cut time and cost and never compromise on quality,” elucidates Akshar.

Tapping the latest technological trends, emerging needs, analyzing launches & reviews bespeak MAA’s innovative mindset, while the open environment that fosters creativity, irrespective of hierarchies, echoes its mantra of consistent growth with his zeal to proffer turnkey solutions, Akshar is determined to raise the already rising revenue graph of MAA, and he envisions a larger top line growth from an integrated model. He concludes, “We start small with a client, but grow along with them anticipating their requirements, building infrastructure and services around them”.