Maxperience: Reinventing the Experiential Motoring with the integration of Technology and Innovation

With hoards of businesses getting highlighted over online platforms in this digitized era, experiential marketing creates realistic experiences for consumers by connecting them with the brand in a personal way. Forming a both-way channel for customers and brand, experiential marketing is gradually emerging as a novel physical world phenomenon that not only takes place outside the confines of a computer screen but also offers endless room for creativity.

Leveraging these opportunities of brand exposure amongst the presence of consumers to instil a sense of affiliation and understanding, Maxperience is all set to redefine the experiential marketing sector in automobile industry with the pragmatic implementation of technology and creativity. An experiential marketing agency with a knack for fresh ideas, a passion for great adventures, and a vision to realize perfect experiences for clients, Maxperience was established in 2018 to maximize the experience of branding and marketing for Automobile industry.

Calling themselves an "Experiential Motoring" company, Maxperience primarily operates in a niche segment of automobile intervention, where it offers 360-degree services for its clients including creative solutions, idea conceptualisation, campaign design, film production, event management, design & production, set-up and execution and more. Offering customized solutions which are not only client-based but also campaign-based, Maxperience is focused on creating and curating exceptional solutions. Standing distinguished amongst the other competitors in the market, Maxperience believes in framing every campaign or project in a unique way, rather than following a general pattern for everyone.

"We treat every project as an Innovation opportunity for our experience scientists. We take a lot of pride in our detailing process where we put a lot of time and effort in understanding client's requirements, marketing goals & target group. This enables us in conceptualizing unique experiential solutions for our clients, based on our past experience of the experiential motoring &
core motorsport. Our strength lies in offering turnkey solutions to our clients, where we also do digital integration and content production apart from hosting the core activities, which makes us one-stop solution providers for our client. We also believe in practical usage technological innovations and one of such service we are focusing for future is gamification and e-sports. The current exponential growth of the gaming industry across India, as well as the globe, has encouraged us to create solutions for our clients in to explore an ever increasing futuristic opportunities," says Arvind Balan, Co-Founder & Director, Maxperience.

Arvind Balan & Arpit Gupta,Directors

Born and brought up in desert state of Rajasthan, founders of Maxperience put additional focus on importance of all activities being environment friendly. "For every activity, we have decided some operational baseline including Covid Guidelines, permissions & safety plans derived from our experiences. But what puts us separate is that we are extra conscious about the nature & environment surrounding our activities. To ensure the same, we have created our own environment charter in line with international Tread lightly norms." states Arpit Gupta, Co-Founder & Director, Maxperience.

In post COVID scenario, to compensate for the physical events we have started offering our clients digital event solutions

Engaged with many premium conglomerates of the industry, Maxperience hosts a satisfied client base adorned with many names such as HeroMotocorp, Maruti Suzuki, Polaris India, Isuzu Motors, Indian Motorcycles, RedBull India, MG Motors, Indian Oil, FICCI and more. "Despite COVID-19, we have seen a robust growth over last year in half of this financial year and we are expecting the same momentum to continue. We have also strengthened our team with various key hirings from industry and looking forward to expand further. With an expected growth of almost 80 to 100 percent over last year, we also are planning substantial investments in the e-sports and gaming technologies and e-sports in near future" concludes Arvind.