Mindtech Affiliates: Ensuring Maximum ROI for Affiliates via Lucrative Conversion Offers & Fast Weekly Payouts

Anant  Mishra,Network Director

Anant Mishra

Network Director

While affiliate marketing companies make great strides in delivering unparalleled services to their merchants, affiliates, the mainstay of these companies who endeavour to the fullest, may not churn out maximum ROI for their spadework. This indeed happens when affiliates get confused in choosing the most-profitable conversion offer among the other non-lucrative ones in the market. Resolving this great confusion of affiliates, Mindtech Affiliates, outshining as the best CPA network, proffers 300+ well-tested and best converting offers and leverages ‘Has Offers’, the high-end tire one tracking technology to measure, analyse & optimize performance marketing results in real time, there by promising them great ROIs. While providing different styled pages to aspiring affiliates for bolstering the merchants’ businesses, Mindtech’s affiliate managers (digital marketing experts) also extend great support in finding best suitable offers for publisher’s traffic and bestows with weekly payout offers,Strict NET30 payment,protection from fraud
and unswerving assistance. Renowned for its great performing campaigns at best payout guarantee and timely payments since its inception in 2007

Mindtech’s uniqueness originates from its specialized strategy of strengthening the relations between its affiliates and advertisers

Bolstering Merchants’ Businesses
Mindtech’s uniqueness originates from its specialized strategy of strengthening the relations between its affiliates and advertisers. Ensuring that the merchants don’t get stuck between any development agency and its affiliate marketing team, it handholds them throughout the process by providing end-to-end solutions to all their marketing needs via flexible models and a treasure trove of affiliate programs. Anant Mishra, Network Director, Mindtech Affiliates, elucidates, “Assuring utmost aid and high returns to the advertisers throughout the whole process from campaign delivery till media buying, our team of advertising managers with an expertise in digital media value their investments and help them in bolstering their businesses”.

Productive Marketing Strategy
For a gamut of online businesses from start-ups to well
established ones, Mindtech offers a plethora of tools for them to create their own affiliate marketing program and to tie up with numerous of affiliates who help in boosting up their leads, sales & revenues through email marketing, banner ads & SEO tactics. Once the advertiser sign up for its free-of-cost affiliate program, an advertising manager is assigned for managing the campaign process, who provides free consultation to run the program. Levying affordable costs and appropriate model that involve only payments for actions (Clicks /Sales/Leads), Mindtech provides frequent reports for the merchants.

Being an expert in digital marketing space and leveraging unique advertising strategies, Mindtech displays ads on only popular & relevant websites to attract quality customers to the merchants’ sites. Furthermore, it provides a highly functional reporting system. Ensuring that each advertiser & affiliate abides by the rules & regulations of its terms & conditions and all local laws, it facilitates fraud free environment for both Publishers and advertisers. Delivering its affiliate services predominantly to business verticals like BFSI, Travel, Education, Dating, Payday Loan, Auto, Email submit, Mobile Apps, Mobile VAS, e-Commerce and others, it has procured a huge clientele dispersed throughout India, U.S. and UK, which endows its affiliates with umpteen of options.