Multiverse: Defined & Strategic Brand Building Services

Ashish Bagla,Partner

Ashish Bagla

With social media, digital, and content -driven campaigns taking centre stage, the Indian public relations (PR) industry is undergoing a significant evolution. “Another factor powering the Indian PR industry’s growth is the key role played by marketing in facilitating an enterprise’s success. Being visible and sending-out the right message to relevant stakeholders has become pertinent for every brand today,” explains Sunil Goenka, Partner, Multiverse, a PR & communications company. Having functioned as an independent PR consultant for several years, Sunil has closely witnessed the PR industry’s evolution which helped him align Multiverse with the burgeoning industry trends.

Founded in 2018, the young organization renders strategic brand building services such as customized strategic public relations, brand management, goodwill management and social responsibility management. Well versed with the digital landscape, Multiverse has organically built a reliable clientele from across industry sectors such as education, health, FMCG brands, hospitality, F&B, fashion & lifestyle, IT and telecom, among others.

Walking Clients into the New Age PR Trends
The year 2017 saw social media
digital and content-driven campaigns bring-in 25 percent of the total revenue earned by the Indian PR industry. Unfortunately, clients have been unable to keep themselves updated with the industry trends. “Most clients that come to us have a myopic view about PR activities. Unaware of the power of social media and content-driven campaigns, most brands are only looking to be featured in the leading newspapers at regular intervals,” says Ashish Bagla, Partner, Multiverse. Thus, Multiverse first focuses on educating clients about the principles and workings of the PR industry through periodic knowledge sessions.

"Our activities are more knowledge-based and we believe that the more knowledge a customer shares with his stakeholder, the better it is"

Known to be market disrupters, Multiverse has always laid emphasis on evolving with time and adapting to new methodologies. Not one to blindly follow market trends, the new age PR organization designs ideas and campaigns aimed at breaking conventions and garnering increased visibility for its clients. Other than conducting regular media activities such as press conferences, product testing or media roundups, Multiverse focuses on finding novel ways of connecting brands with their prospective stakeholders. “Our activities are more knowledge-based and we believe that the more knowledge a customer shares with his stakeholder, the better it is,” adds both Sunil & Ashish in unison.

Addressing Every Communications Requirements
Tailor-made to the expanding Indian market in the public relations domain, Multiverse helps
clients with brand enhancement, brand credibility, crisis management, marketing communications, conceptualization and execution of media savvy events. Counting consumer connect initiatives as the bedrock of the firm’s differential services, team Multiverse designs innovative PR driven initiatives to win the attention and mindshare of mainstream consumer audiences.

Helping clients gain visibility among their industry peers, the company garners relevant networking opportunities at various forums and platforms. Aimed at strengthening clients’ credibility though awards, rewards and recognitions, Multiverse aids clients in the application process. Staying on top of timelines and creating compelling presentations, increases clients’ chances at winning the said award or recognition. The firm also possesses expertise in crisis management through sound messaging aimed at concerned stakeholders.

Other than new age solutions, Multiverse also renders judicious media relations and coverage services to its clients. Specializing in creating the right content, the firm looks at news from a journalistic perspective in order to address the issue correctly.

Having successfully conducted various innovative events such as Kid opreneur Sunmmit, Himalaya Optics New Progressive Lens Launch and ILM website launch among others, Multiverse has cemented its position in the Eastern region of India. With associates spread across Patna, Guwahati and Bhubaneswar, both Sunil& Ashish are now working towards bolstering the firm’s team strength in the years to come.