OneNative Ads: Enabling Brands to Scale their Native Advertising Campaigns via Its Integrated Native Advertising Platform

Deepak Karnani ,Co-Founder & Director

Deepak Karnani

Co-Founder & Director

These days native advertising is all the rage in the PR and marketing ecosystem – whether enterprises are looking to enhance their content marketing strategy, expand their paid media efforts, or increase the ROI of their digital strategy. Content and content discovery & amplification are considered as the vital step in developing a native ad campaign that add value to the user experience and compel audience to take action. Today, marketers are fairly successful at putting-out engaging content, but unable to optimize across the different platforms which limits the scale of their native campaigns. Overcoming this dilemma is OneNative Ads – an integrated native ad & content discovery platform that enables brands & agencies to seamlessly scale their native ad campaigns via a single dashboard.

While most technologies are focused on delivery of content, OneNative is uniquely poised to concentrate on right amplification, discovery and optimization to bring campaign efficiency, so that the marketer can evaluate how effective the brand’s content is in building brand awareness. This single window interface offers a unified view of multiple campaigns
& platforms which not only helps clients to make an informed decision about the efficiency of their campaigns, but also saves their time, effort and money, while managing their campaigns. The platform brings all campaign reports in one place, thus allowing brand marketers to optimize and make their investment give better ROIs without any bias.

"OneNative’s platform has been developed ground up with feedback from agency partners and is customized to meet their requirements with regular updates"

With an access to multiple content discovery platforms coupled with an in built optimization matrix, OneNative ensures the widest reach for native campaigns and bestows marketers with one-stop-destination to understand the performance of all their native advertising content. In addition to this, OneNative helps clients with translation of content and ad copies in regional languages, hosting of content and other ancillary services, ensuring an end-to-end solution for campaign requirements.

For the Customers, By the Customers
OneNative’s platform has been developed ground-up with feedback from agency partners and is customized to meet their requirements with regular updates. Currently, a managed service (wherein campaigns are managed by expert campaigns managers), OneNative brings-in accountability & transparency for native buys by giving clients the power of choice via a multi-platform approach. It works with over 10 leading content discovery platforms & DSPs, including Outbrain, Taboola,
Revcontent, as well as niche regional platforms amongst others. This allows clients to switch their campaigns on platforms that are delivering well at the given moment vs. a perception led buy.

The platform creates master and sub accounts for different team members along with restricted access and continuously performs automatic/manual blacklisting of publishers/traffic sources, thereby covenanting brands inventory safety. Apart from having API integration with leading platforms for real-time campaign updates, OneNative has one touch access to upload, view, edit & optimize campaigns.

Harish Patil,
Co-Founder & Director

The first to introduce Native ad & Content Discovery solutions in India, OneNative has executed 100s of campaigns for leading brands across diverse genres like OTT, BFSI, Technology, Consumer Durables, Education, Tourism & FMCG amongst others. This year-old company is targeting to achieve 40 percent more growth and expand its footprint to international markets in the coming year. With more native platforms & DSPs in process of being integrated, OneNative under the leadership of Deepak Karnani & Harish Patil (Co-Founders & Directors) is well-placed to scale its business & meet its revenue goals.