Optimise Media Group: Setting New Benchmarks in Performance Marketing with Technology & InnovativeReporting

Shaan Raza,Deputy Managing Director (India)

Shaan Raza

Deputy Managing Director (India)

Digital marketing has long transformed from newborn to new-norm. Businesses that fail to keep abreast with this novel marketing wave are intrinsically kicking the bucket themselves. Having no room for a trial & error, probably the biggest concern in the digital marketing realm is making sure that your advertising dollars bring back the return you entail, and if you're not strategic, well, you can waste a lot of money here, especially since the combat is also against several fake publishers who empty your pocket with results in 'paper'.

The predicament makes it imperative to onboard a ROI ensuring and established digital marketing partner such as Optimise Media Group - a privately owned global performance advertising network, which over the past 18 years has ensured an impressive number of sale-conversions and enabled advertisers to get potential customers with best ROI through sophisticated tools, deep data analysis, foolproof publisher onboarding and extremely transparent marketing model. Optimise amalgamates its immense know-how with multilevel publisher verification practices to ensure that only trusted and relevant publishers pick up a certain campaign, while the maximum ROI for advertisers out of their marketing budgets is ascertained through a first-of-its-kind real-time reporting paradigm.

The Legacy
Came into existence under the aegis of Richard Syme (Executive Chairman) in 1999, Optimise undeniably owes thanks to aforementioned stringent publisher verification & continuous reporting models, in its emergence as a globally leading digital marketing conglomerate. The company shoulders its advertisers to targeted in-market audiences across all digital channels at scale through an entire gamut of Affiliate Network, Mobile Advertising, Reward Solution, Native Advertising and Lead Generation products. Involving predominantly in the modern digital marketing industry from its infancy, the company knows what it takes to proffer an extra edge to advertisers, and thus drawing a much bigger picture than performance marketing by augmenting its offerings with end-to-end digital solutions that include creative, technology & media innovations and solutions in web & mobile spheres. Today, constituting a team of over 185 highly skilled and experienced people (100 in India) spread across its headquarter in Norwich and satellite offices in Asia-Pacific (India, Singapore, Indonesia & Australia), Europe (UK & Poland) and Latin-America (Brazil), Optimise provides over 1,400 premium advertisers with instant reach across 30+ countries with far greater scale than local agencies and networks.

“We are best known in the industry for our quality deliveries infused with latest technologies. Although, perceiving our much bigger responsibility to build trust in the industry, we have been proactively educating the clients about prevalent frauds and malpractices happening in the industry and saving millions of their marketing dollars in the process,” elucidates Shaan Raza, Deputy Managing Director (India), Optimise Media Group.
Taking Bulls by its Horns
Building trust has no short-cut, other than ensuring quality delivery. Period. Optimise chooses publishers with utmost care and performs a multilevel verification process that includes the checks at network, program & website levels, and in turn has gathered a large pool of trusted and relevant publishers who help the company walk the talk. “Apart from meticulous screening while on-boarding a publisher and keeping a tight check on unusual traffic inflow or performance, to combat frauds more effectively, we have come up with our own quality reports that alert us about every possible fraud in any program,” adjoins Raza. The company adheres to European standards when it comes to quality of deliveries, from banking on BrandVerity(a well-known Brand Protection & Compliance Monitoring firm) to follow clients’ PPC related guidelines to having a robust two-way mechanism of monitoring compliances - one at regional level and other at headquarter (HQ) level. “Our HQ keeps a vigilant eye on all incoming traffic and performance 24x7,”she adds.

Optimise over the years has thrived managing big pool of verified publishers across categories, currencies & geographies as its forte, which in turn acts as a boon for advertisers to savor enormous & genuine exposure immediately after the engagement

In virtue of such a sterile publishing process, Optimise over the years has thrived managing big pool of verified publishers across categories, currencies & geographies as its forte, which in turn acts as a boon for advertisers to savor enormous & genuine exposure immediately after the engagement. However, result of any campaign boils down to tangibility of sales improvement, and it is another area where Optimise has set global benchmarks. Apart from providing day-to-day campaign reporting that includes, but not limited to, mobile quality report, demography report, device report, customer journey report, and traffic reference report, the company empowers its clients (advertisers) with access to a dashboard wherein they get to see the campaign's performance real-time. Having travelled in pursuit of improving the reporting paradigms throughout its journey, Optimise is all set to take reporting to the next level through its new Predictive Reporting & AI software.

“We have our own proprietary technology which we keep on updating according to new requirements and changes in the industry, and it plays an instrumental role in offering highly customized services,” adds Shaan. Furthermore, besides its proprietary technology, and reporting & automation tools, Optimise’s team of deeply experienced industry specialists, which includes hardcore tech geeks to seasoned digital marketers and creative professionals, plays a predominant role in aligning the company’s process with that of its clients’ needs. “We work as a closely connected team and that’s how we travel abreast of the time and trends. We have an extremely flat hierarchy and open work culture, where our easily-accessible senior management involves in day-to-day work and employees are given free hand to perform and grow. Their ideas & suggestions get implemented consistently,” elucidates Shaan. This world-class culture has served its purpose in the long
run by keeping the attrition rates low to an extend where employees on an average stay with the company for 4-5 years.

The Art of being Futuristic
While working with 150+ clients in India across multifarious verticals such as Retail, Travel, Food, Utility, Medicine Banking, Finance and much more, Optimise never fails to imbue its offerings with futuristic insights, which has proven to be a valuable asset in bringing business to highly futuristic industries, its engagement with Medlife (an online pharmacy) in India being a perfect example. Despite the fact that Medlife had its own challenges (like no previous customer habit & government regulations), across past 1.5 years, Optimise has executed all major elements of digital marketing to savor impressive results that include increasing Medlife’s sales and customer-base by 60 percent in just three months, and achieving 200 percent ROI from the newly added user base. Wonder how many companies can make such an overwhelming result for an online pharmacy in India!

“We are growing multifold year-on-year. In 2016, we delivered over 17 million transactions and $1.1 billion in sales for our clients. Going forward, we will invest in our technology big time,” adjoins Shaan. Over the past 12 months, Optimise has made strategic investments in its underlying technology stack (includes migration to AWS and development of TrackingX software). Further phases over the coming months will include enhancements to real-time decision making (predictive reporting & AI software), multi-device usage measurement and on boarding of complementary data, in addition to launching an entire suite of new decision-led reports. “Optimise Poland has already been shortlisted at the International Performance Marketing Awards for their innovative data-led approach to customer journey analysis and attribution modeling. When we launch this in India, it will equip clients with the ability to cut through the noise in debates around the issues like influencers and attribution. This amazing stride will help them focus on taking action and benefiting from the results,” concludes Shaan.

Key Management:
Richard Syme, Founder & Executive Chairman
Richard has successfully led the Group to become a multi-award winning global technology company, providing market-leading performance marketing products & services to over 200 premium brands across Europe, India, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

LD Sharma, Managing Director (India)
A startup-expert in digital businesses, Sharma has been one of the pioneers of Affiliate Marketing concept in India and setup all the leading Affiliate Networks in India.

Shaan Raza, Deputy Managing Director (India)
She is instrumental in establishing Optimise India as the biggest performance network and media innovation company of the country. She ensures Optimise’s business development and strategy in the country. She works very closely with UK team to help them update their technology and strategy.

Awards & Recognitions:
• ‘Best Performance Marketing Campaigns or Strategy’ in the International Performance Marketing Awards 2017 for SEA and LATAM Geos
• ‘Shortlisted for “Best International Network’ & ‘Industry Choice of Network’ awards