Organic BPS: Elevating Branding Prospects by Strategically Employing BPS CREST Model & Innovative Approach

Dileep Narayanan,FounderWith the increasing haul of brands in today’s contemporary world, stabilizing your roots and leaving a never-ending impression on your customer’s mind is what reflects your brand’s presence. When companies spend millions developing the look and feel of their brand, Organic BPS (a pioneer in strategic consulting and creative advertising) concentrates on branding for higher purpose by creating social brand equity for businesses with deeper insight into their culture, products and end customers, hence enhancing their brand value and credibility. Known for its strategic brand-building expertise since 1999, this Kochi-based company is driven by a team of dedicated communication professionals who translate strategies into intelligent creative designs and execute them constructively to ensure authentic and sustainable brand building along with effective communication in an evolving market.

What plunges down the market presence of brands has always created be wilderedness. But Organic BPS has the solution. The company developed BPS CREST (Co-created Result-Ensuring Strategic Tools), a strategic brand consulting model to proffer customized and creative solutions through positive involvement in all
areas of client’s interests (from making sustainable profits to fulfilling corporate social responsibility) to master this paradigm shift in branding and communication. “Worsening media clutter and inability to satisfy changing customer expectations has steadily decreased public trust in Advertising and what remains in the industry is competitive parity of products and services. That’s when we enter!” adds Dileep Narayanan, Founder, Organic BPS.

The strength of Organic BPS lies in offering solutions that begins with strategizing and planning followed by conceptualization and creation

Branding Packed with Organic Creativity
The strength of Organic BPS lies in offering solutions that begins with strategizing and planning followed by conceptualization and creation. Acting as the clients’ branding partner, it works along with them in line with their goals, with deep insights into their culture, products and customers., and measures the success of its campaigns by reviewing the results. Citing the case study of Asset Homes, Dileep elucidates, “We created a hugely successful differentiation for Asset Homes in the real estate sector with the unique positioning - ‘the Responsible Builder’ - to reflect the brand’s commitment to timelines, quality, customers, society and environment at large. This resulted in increased visibility, credibility and the brand grew in four-folds becoming the pinnacle of real estate in Kerala within a short span of time”.
Founded on the principle of commitment to righteousness, excellence and result, Organic BPS is well supported by a consciously and carefully built-in culture of learning. Besides consulting and advertising services, the company’s personnel partakes Brandstorm lectures and update their knowledge under MIMAMSA, a learning initiative by Organic BPS mentored by an Advisory Board comprising of five eminent leaders from different verticals. This skill building exercise is further elevated by publishing a quarterly newsletter to reflect on new ideas, insights and approaches and share the latest updates on the company and the industry.

A Partner of Pride
The company joined hands with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in 2009 to implant the seed of Greenstorm for spreading environmental consciousness among the public through creative contests, online exhibitions and Ecostar Awards. This one-of-its-kind largest online initiative won several recognitions including prestigious IAA Olive Crowne Award 2018 and PRCI National award.

Being a result-oriented company, Organic BPS follows a system of periodic reviews wherein every goal is evaluated and modified on an ongoing basis and campaign results are reviewed, time and again. The company owns a reputed clientele base and records revenue growth in multi-folds every year. However, Dileep reports that revenue from consulting services has overtaken revenue from conventional advertising over the years.