Pilcrow Communications: Embracing Social & Environmental Sustainability at Events

Ratika van Noord Bhatnagar,DirectorOrganizing events is immensely resource-intensive and can have negative environmental consequences like wastage of natural resources. The Indian event management market is a hub of opportunities but managing the same is far away from being sustainable, thus requiring effective forecasting, planning, organizing, and execution. Today, more and more events are hosted in an economically, socially, and environmentally responsible way across the globe. Several global enterprises, big and small, are making greening events a part of their tender process.

The greening of events not only helps in reducing the negative impact on the environment, but also leaves a positive and enduring legacy for the local community. This embraces the story of Pilcrow Communications Pvt. Ltd.­ the brainchild of Ratika Bhatnagar and Rohini Mathur, and one of New Delhi's socially and environmentally conscious events and experiential marketing agencies ­ established in 2011. The duo's creative concepts, attention to detail, and sincerity ensure that the business grows steadily through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Pilcrow's proven mettle lies in designing ethical and responsible experiences that have a positive impact on mind space and a low impact on ground space. Pilcrow launched India's first and only fun food festival for children named `Kids Culinaire' in
2015. With its overlying atmosphere of fun, this food festival was a great way to teach kids about healthy eating and raised awareness about relevant concerns such as lifestyle diseases, proper hygiene, waste segregation, and more. The festival won Gold in the category of Best New IP at EEMAX Global Awards in 2016.

Ratika van Noord Bhatnagar, the company's Director, says, "We try to create events with a purpose and experiences that leave a positive mindset & have an improved behavioral effect on the audience. We have always been conscious citizens, trying to do what's right for our clients, team, and the environment. We have now made conscious commitments and will adhere to them while planning and executing any project." The company adheres to ISO 20121 principles and guidelines on sustainable event management and is driven by four factors ­ Transparency, Integrity, Inclusivity, and Accountability.

In-depth Analysis to Solve Clients' Problems
Not paying attention to sustainability due to budget or time constraints is one of the client's biggest pain points. Pilcrow addresses this in the planning process and highlights all the areas where a better or alternative option is possible. Before proposing a plan, the company listens and tries to understand every detail of the client's requirements. The team designs an experience that brings alive the message and gets their target audience to understand rather than to hear or see. Pilcrow houses a team of 10 professionals, who breathe its sustainability policy and core values.

Pilcrow launched India's first and only fun food festival for children named `Kids Culinaire' in 2015

The company encourages its employees to be confident and experimental. It organizes learning opportunities for them to enhance their skill, knowledge, and personal well-being. Visiting a vendor to learn more about their product or service, visit by experts to the office to help with skill improvement or physical/mental well-being, and getting a chance for each employee to share with colleagues some industry offering that they like, are some of the initiatives of Pilcrow in this regard.

In June 2020, Pilcrow launched its new avatar as a sustainable event management company. Besides creating and executing events, the company is now offering consultation and training services to governments, corporates, agencies, and individuals who want to create sustainable events and experiences.