PNJXN Marketing: Concocting Unique Brand Stories With A Human Touch

Pooja Nataraj,Co-Founder & Creative Director

Pooja Nataraj

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Has anyone ever wondered how TedEd talks create a lasting impression among the audience? A case study mentions that 65 percent of the delivered content in TedEd directory consisted of personal anecdotes or success stories. Likewise, to boost the real-time consumer traffic, reciting a ‘brand story’ is today’s master tool to reach-out to maximum number of clients. Gripping on this stark concept, ‘storytellers’ Pooja Nataraj (Co-Founder & Creative Director) and Nandish Ratkal (Co-Founder & Chief Strategist), edged a creative niche to incept PNJXN Marketing to promote storytelling as its experiential marketing strategy.

Rather than being a run-of-the-mill marketing company, PNJXN chooses to be a stakeholder in the growth of its clients and works as a partner at every step of their business. To create first-hand experience of the client’s products, it has adapted the ancient dimension of humanity – storytelling, rather than recycling the already available content. It has also adapted an ethnographic and immersive approach of learning the behavior, likes & dislikes of their target audience and also masters the featured product in the due process, ensuring unique content creation.

“We do not sign-up clients whose vision we do not empathize or share. We rather prefer
to work with smaller organizations with very niche products and service where the challenge lies in reaching-out to a highly specific target group,” says Pooja. Furthermore, it familiarizes the clients with its philosophy (like integrating an eco-sensitive approach in its offerings, planting effective level-based authorization filters to protect client’s sensitive information and so forth).

PNJXN handles SEO, SMO and Content Marketing for a wide spectrum of clients, mostly in the tour management and hospitality industries. Besides, its in-house technology team is readily adapting better interventions to develop advanced solutions to help them compete with the larger players, but at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, in collaboration with leading AI/ML automation providers, it is offering chatbot integrated web layouts, which can engage a web-trafficker with more humane questionnaires.

Rather than being a run-of-the-mill marketing company, PNJXN chooses to be a stakeholder in the growth of its clients and works as a partner at every step of their business.

Empowering Work Partners
Instead of driving a mechanized operation house, PNJXN engages a talented regimen of experts like strategists, copywriters, technology professionals and others to leverage its experiential marketing services effectively. Pooja adds, “We have researched and curated a list of blogs, industry standard articles & magazines with allotted discussion times along with Book Club (stokes its intellectual fires with classics in the field of marketing, behavioral economics, psychology and other areas) which help us stay abreast of industry happenings in the shortest possible time”.

PNJXN is planning to start a VR/MR training module for the hospitality sector in association with a professor of German University. Apart from that, by 2020, it intends to launch a unique range of Experiential Travel Products, which will be the perfect synergy of technology and humane customization. Pooja states, “Word-of-mouth recognition and referrals have propelled us from two to 10 clients in a span of eight months, with almost no promotional boost”. Currently, it is experiencing a 20 percent MoM revenue growth and anticipates providing more white label services for digitally challenged mature enterprises.