Postback: Ensuring High ROIs to Merchants via Advanced Real-time Tracking Technology

Siddharth Verma,Co-Founder

Siddharth Verma


Despite the continually evolving technology and marketing strategies, performance-based marketing has etched its benefits strong in the minds of all affiliate marketers and outshines as the best of all so far. But, still majority of merchants in this space are wrestling with the higher Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) rates which in turn explains the drastically plummeting ROIs. Besides, deploying a non-optimal marketing mix will bring in a lot of disruption and diminish the hard-earned profits of merchants. Fathoming the gravity of these blatant scenarios, Postback ensures utmost performance on digital spends of its customers by its process-driven approach and its advanced, secure real-time tracking technology 'TrackRex', which improves conversion rates and ROIs.

This sophisticated technology entails features that aids in running the campaigns by targeting ISPs, operating systems and geo, presents cookie transaction and deep linking even in the Postback environment, enables the advertisers to validate sales and provides real-time statistics (reporting or downloading data
from panel) and generates comprehensive offer, affiliate, conversion and advertiser reports with just one click. Proactively partnering with a base of 13,000+ publishers, trusted bloggers and reputable websites, Postback stands as a pillar of strength to its merchants by adding additional bandwidth to explore new publishers, thereby enhancing their brand’s online presence and reputation.

Open and click rates of mail campaigns are meticulously checked to ensure that the mails reach the right audience and produce better ROIs

Ensuring High ROIs
Postback facilitates the clients’ businesses with essential online marketing solutions, software & tracking platforms along with all of its services under managed services, while it extends ultimate support and training to their team for setting up their own affiliate program under unmanaged services. Indulging in rigorous campaign optimization, it ensures the maintenance of four percent conversion rate and also optimal CPOs with the allotted budget while branding. On the other hand, open and click rates of mail campaigns are meticulously checked to ensure that the mails reach the right audience and produce better ROIs. “Our team of fervent employees work collectively to optimize and filter the publishers’ traffic and ruminate on disparate ways to enrich the ads effectiveness for advertisers to relish better conversion rates on their websites,” explains
Siddharth Verma, Co-Founder, Postback.

Eliminating Bad Traffic
Upholding top-notch standards and practices while servicing its clients, Postback stands apart as a transparent partner to affiliates, networks, publishers and agencies by deploying state-of-the-art fraud detection algorithm that scrutinizes the details of visitor’s each click for duplicity and thereby provides information on the occurrence of brand bidding and traffic’s location, IP and user agent’s referral pages to eliminate bad traffic. It further ensures to garner only the requisite clients’ data and safeguards them with AWS infrastructure embedded with AES-128 SSL, one of the highest workhorses of data security.

Fortifying its client base of 50 which includes clients from various niche like e-Commerce, BFSI, Real Estate, Travel, Airlines, Cellular service providers and Direct Brand Portals. Postback extends its arm to proffer them performance, branding, lead generation and mobile campaigns. Right from its first month of inception (2017), it has closed big deals and focused on adding new merchants and publishers on a daily basis which led to its significant month on month revenue growth. Currently engaged in developing tools that aids dynamic retargeting of advertisements with relevant content, it is diving into the AI realm to devise a real-time advertisement solution that can address the distribution of ads & offers by optimizing and channelizing them to the right audience.