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Vishal K Laroia,Founder & CEO

Vishal K Laroia, Founder & CEO

With a host of specialist hospitals and expert doctors rendering quality and cost-effective medical services, more and more foreign nationals have been flocking to India. Having gradually become one of the most sought-after destinations for medical tourism, the industry is estimated to be worth $9 billion, while accounting for 20 percent of the global market share by 2020. Functioning as a bridge between Indian medical facility providers and global patients is PR Medico, a provider of PR and other targeted marketing communications solutions. “Through our digital solutions such as website design, online promotion, social media marketing, among others, we target the international market for Indian doctors and hospitals,” explains Vishal K Laroia, Founder & CEO, PR Medico. Headquartered in Gurgaon and with offices across Delhi, Africa & Middle East, the firm has earned the spot of being a bona fide leader in rendering health PR, medical PR, consumer PR, corporate PR and brand PR.

Making the Most of Digital Promotions
The medical PR market in India
has seen massive activity of late, however, a lot is left to be desired in terms of its international counterpart. Since on-site promotions in various countries would be high cost and resource intensive, PR Medicos focuses on rendering digital solutions for doctors and hospitals looking to reach the masses internationally. The firm undertakes an integrated approach fuelled by clear insight, pin-point planning that will drive measurable change for client's organizations. The first step in the process is to design and build a crisp website, which would help clients find relevant information in the most efficient manner. “Often times, international clients get lost while visiting a hospital’s website which houses information about various departments. To counter that, we focus on bringing only the necessary information to the fore,” explains Vishal.

"PR Medicos focuses on rendering digital solutions for doctors and hospitals looking to reach the masses internationally"

PR Medicos is also adept at creating the right content to communicate with the audience. The team of experts can draft & edit original content and guest contributions, as well as curate industry materials and then slice & dice the information to maximize the value of each piece. In addition to its content marketing skills, PR Medico also empowers clients to build a strong online presence across social media platforms. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube or any other media platform, the firm ensures
that audience are always intimated about any new developments at the client end.

Connecting Dots for Building Strategy
While the internet bridges the gap between international patients and medical facility providers, patients often get dissuaded about availing the services of a particular hospital or doctor on reading a few negative feedbacks online. To counter this, PR Medico helps patients get a realistic picture of the hospital or doctor and encourages them to look beyond the negative noise on the internet.

Rendering strategic counsel services to clients, the firm helps them chalk-out long term strategy and develop communications to reach their end goal quicker. Understanding the varying needs of different clients, PR Medico does focused promotions for specific services, procedures or products as and when required by the client. Additionally, the firm is also adept at patient advocacy, through which the experience PR Medico team guides patients throughout the process of finalizing on a healthcare provider, getting finances & paperwork in order, traveling details and post-procedure services.

At the heart of the operations at PR Medico is a team of professionals who are trained to understand the requirements of the medical industry and patients. The young organization is now aggressively moving towards developing business both for promotions and lead generation.