PRaxis Media: Redefining PR Milestones via Comprehensive Consultancy & Client-Centric Servicing

Saima Gaziani,Founder & CEO

Saima Gaziani, Founder & CEO

The evolution of modern public relations left traditional PR in its wake lately. The contemporary ideology took wings way back in 1923 with Edward Bernays’ first ever PR-centered book, Crystallizing Public Opinion, highlighting the relationship between enterprises and public, and their dependency on each other. Stating that good public relations depend on action-oriented results, the text pivots on right formulation and execution of attitude and actions to win over public interest, attention and favour. Strategically tapping every aspect of modern public relations, Mumbai-based PRaxis Media stands tall as a leading PR consultancy offering end-to-end niche services with excellence at par.

Established by Saima Gaziani (Founder & CEO) in 2012, PRaxis is creating a niche in the industry with its holistic approach and elite consultation, spanning through traditional modes of communication to contemporary aspects of digitization. Right from media coverage, social media presence and events to campaigns and CSR activities, the boutique agency ensures the fulfillment of each client’s
objectives and message delivery to their target audience by means of diverse communication tools, without restricting the scope of work to defined parameters. “We pay personal attention to clients, understand things in-depth and are a part of a lot of activities. At PRaxis, we come-up with strategies that reflect our approach inside-out,” avers Saima.

"Outshining the competitive graph is PRaxis’ robust media relations and economical cost-frame that plays a key role in executing work seamlessly"

An Approach beyond Excellence
Outshining the competitive graph is PRaxis’ robust media relations and economical cost-frame that plays a key role in executing work seamlessly. Deep-rooted with knowledge and experience, the company practices public relations, social media management, content development, SEO, SMO, website development, strategic counseling and collaborations under one roof. Instead of stepping over traditional PR concepts, PRaxis believes in integrating traditional aspects with modern modules to deliver services that not only extend the benefit of customer satisfaction, but also assures enhanced communication building between the client and the target audience. Adding an extra layer of calibre is the company’s customization dexterity that stands on the pillars of clear understanding of client’s requisites and customizing proposals accordingly.

When asked about challenges, Saima elucidates, “In times of crisis, we analyze the situation
deeply, understand all in & outs, customize an immediate strategy and react accordingly”. Besides bringing a comprehensive strategy in action, PRaxis ensures client’s availability and answer ability on the desirable platform, be it through mass media, exclusive content, radio, print or electronic media. Marshalling the company’s stellar client-oriented approach is PRaxis’ in-house team of 10 ninjas who dwell out-of-the-box, creative ideas for clients and indulge in research and practical sessions by analyzing and practicing real-time case studies.

Crowning Success with Promising Prospects
Exemplifying excellence throughout, PRaxis caters to a rich clientele portfolio and puts-in field specialized experts for each industry including Technology (startups), Healthcare (hospitals, doctors, NGOs), Fashion & Lifestyle (handloom & sustainable fashion) and Entertainment (events). Additionally, the company excels in handling CSR activities for firms like Mumbai District AIDS Association of India & Family planning Association of India.

PRaxis’ long-standing relationship with Aditya Birla Hospital spotlights its servicing attitude which is catalyst in inviting newer clients, not through aggressive pitching but by word-of-mouth stratagem. Scaling an exponential growth of 70 percent annually and having strong footprints in Mumbai & Pune, PRaxis is all set to expand its team size in social media segment, board new clients and venture expansion opportunities in metro-cities PAN India.