Prism Public Relations: Combining Expertise, Experience & Ethics to make it Fool proof on Deliverance

Satyan Bhatt, Managing Director

Satyan Bhatt

Managing Director

Prism was launched in April 1994 in Madras as it was known then. It is the first PR agency to set up in this part of the country with a mission to professionally serve Corporates, MSME’s, Institutions and Individuals, with its efforts wholly focused on producing great results for multifarious industries ranging from Manufacturing to FMCG, Hospitals, Hotels and many more.

Every campaign is different, but being focused on the clearly spelt out objectives, Prism spends a lot of time interacting with clients before the campaigns are finalized, while research remains the key word. It often plays the educator role, acquainting clients what works and what doesn’t. The experience & excellence of over three decades stemming from its founders Satyan Bhatt (Managing Director) and Parul Bhatt(Director),helps in fine tuning the thought-process to suit the demanding requirements & growth potential of the clients.

"Clients often have unreal expectations. We educate them on a regular basis and make them understand how PR works and why perception and building relationships are critical. In an industry like PR, the total commitment &involvement of the top management is critical to its
success,"Satyan asserts. No wonder he is referred to as a PR Guru.

Driven by an approach based on ethical fair-play and final outcomes, Prism today is well known for its expertise in crisis management,which over the years has changed the game for many of its clients

Rebelling the Adage - One Size Fits All
Driven by an approach based on ethical fair-play and final outcomes, Prism today is well known for its expertise in crisis management, which over the years has changed the game for many of its clients. Helping a FMCG major to overcome the unjust protest they faced in Tamil Nadu within a few days through effective use of socila media, selective communication and reaching out to the public, being a perfect example. “We are excellent in strategizing, which is why we have retained most of our clients for well over 15 years through 2500+ campaigns," proclaims Satyan. Prism’s well-built client ecosystem today includes many prestigious clients like TVS Group, TTK Group, Kauvery Hospitals, Doshi Housing, Rotary(through which Prism performs its CSR activities), Mahindra & Mahindra(SAE),Council for Leather Exports(CLE),and many others.

According to Parul,"We deliver comprehensive, highly customized and interactive PR solutions across PAN India that includes Strategic PR & Marketing Consultation, Corporate Services, Media Relations, Editorial & Design
Services. Prism had even designed a stamp for TTK Group to celebrate TT Krishnamachari's 50th anniversary.She adds, "The credibility that Prism enjoys with the media is amazing. Journalists come over to Prism for interviews and press conferences". This close-knit relationship with media combined with its efficacy to stimulate creative strategies and choose wisely among the channels & technologies has been a perfect success recipe for Prism.

Parul Bhatt,Director

A Bright Future-Racing towards its Silver Jubilee
Over the past 24 years, Prism has consistently maintained ethical standards and focused on giving value more than growing the revenue, which makes the company confident of achieving a 20 percent Y-o-Y growth in the coming years. There are exciting expansion plans on the anvil. “Going forward, we will try and use artificial intelligence (AI) norms, which have a huge potential in the media and PR industry,” said Parul.

Satyan believes that to be relevant with the times, it is essential to be associated with youth. With this in mind, he regularly gives lectures in well-known colleges like Stella Maris, MOP Vaishnav College, Ethiraj College and many more. This way he gets the pulse of what is happening in the market and way future will unfold.