ProfiliAd Media: The ROI Ensuring Affiliate Network that Leads a Revolution Against Ad Frauds

(L)  Hina Mittal Nayar, Co-Founder & CEO,(R) Sumit Nayar, Co-Founder & MD

(L) Hina Mittal Nayar, Co-Founder & CEO

(R) Sumit Nayar, Co-Founder & MD

Since the inception of internet and digital advertisement, ad fraud has been a deep rooted challenge with an alarming rise. The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) in one of their reports released in 2016 have stated that ad fraud is likely to cost an amount in excess of $50 billion by 2025, and without sufficient countermeasures, ad fraud losses could pile up to $150 billion per annum within the same time frame. In fact as per industry experts digital ad fraud could already be the second biggest organized crime enterprise, only after drug trade!

Since a silver bullet solution to ad fraud does not exist in the market, the ball game boils down to innovative countermeasures that can make a significant disparity. Making a difference through an additional set of homegrown fraud-detection algorithms and with extremely ethical marketing practices, which forms an extra layer over the existing detection technologies, is ProfiliAd Media - a Gurugram based affiliate network & branding conglomerate that focuses on generating incremental business value for both its customers - Advertisers and Publishers. Indeed, whenever ProfiliAd’s dedicated fraud, its detection team carved out of IT experts ensnares a fraud in the loop using homegrown tools, effective ad hoc solutions are applied immediately and Profiliad returns back about 10 percent of advertiser’s media spends on an average over their total ad spends.

This highly futuristic startup envisions its establishment & expansion as an efficient Performance Marketing Network in the digital space not only to help Advertisers achieve quality traffic, but also to help Publishers grow multi fold through a professional optimization -approach with unmatched customer.

Ethics Has a Lot More Meaning
Performance-based marketing being the crux of its offerings, ProfiliAd believes that apart from merely adhering to standard guidelines, engendering a genuine difference takes following a lot of unspoken & undocumented ethical rules. Pledging to this belief, the company has resorted to a third party performance tracking tool, which makes the entire campaign transparent & trustworthy, and thus building smooth and strong bonds on both the sides of its business. From data protection laws to copyright, advertising standards and distance selling, ProfiliAd adheres to a strong set of interconnected laws across. Moreover, since the company is part of the MainAd Group– one of the globally leading digital marketing experts headquartered in Italy, ProfiliAd has kept the standards in line. Thus, ProfiliAd has molded itself to align with its partner’s world-class, innovative and ethical approach, alongside adhering to international consumer privacy policies.

Taking the Bull by its Horns
It’s an undeniable fact that working across versatile industries is one of the biggest challenges for an affiliate network. ProfiliAd tackles this predicament by customizing its offerings according to the client's' discrete needs and based on their KPI - from increasing online presence to achieving quality leads (especially for segments like BFSI) and even achieving the
targets like app install, which today is one of the crucial methods adopted by mobile first advertisers across the world to dynamically engage their customers. While monetizing website traffic, the engagement models include Cost per Action (CPA), Cost per Lead (CPL) and Cost per Click/Visit (CPC/CPV), where as Mobile Marketing on the other hand is based on Cost per Install (CPI) and Cost per Action (CPA).

Sumit Nayar, Co-Founder & MD, ProfiliAd Media, elucidates, “The strategy proposed to every client/brand is discrete and highly customized. It’s a matter of deeply comprehending their business, challenges, brand, target audience, and service/product that they want to focus on, while giving value to their suggestions. Having a clear picture of what the targets are, we devise, propose and execute strategies. Further the approved strategies are executed by our core strategy team”.

Since a silver bullet solution to ad fraud does not exist in the market, the ball game boils down to innovative counter measures that can make a significant disparity

“We have an analytical team in place who analyzes the data of every active campaign on a day-to-day or weekly basis, optimizes the resources and consistently ensures that the targets are met. If required, the team also makes apt changes in the live campaign by altering the set of publishers and monetizing the traffic,” asserts Hina Mittal Nayar, Co-Founder & CEO, ProfiliAd Media. In addition to this in-house team, the company has also partnered with Infospica Consultancy Services LLP (a Trivandrum-based team of IT specialists), who works closely with ProfiliAd to not only to make sure the project is optimized, but also to provide the company with 3600 technology assistance and custom solutions.

Even when it comes to retargeting, ProfiliAd is second to none in the market, as it has access to one of the world’s latest and recognized retargeting tool - Logicos by MainAd, which offers ad retargeting through machine learning. ProfiliAd’s family consists of strong marketing experts, who have innovation in their DNA and lays under the aegis of a deeply experienced management team. The company is all set to launch a couple of INNOVATIVE PROPRIETARY MARKETING SOLUTIONS along with DISRUPTIVE FINTECH SOLUTIONS for the publishers and advertisers in near future.

Being a Futuristic Startup
After establishing itself as a serious and performance driven company, ProfiliAd eyes a huge growth in the ongoing quarter as well, while also ensuring the growth of its people. Besides exposing its resources to an open Silicon Valley work culture and keeping them abreast of trends through frequent gatherings & discussions, the company manifests a significant interest in their personal & professional growth by vesting complete ownership of the campaigns and empowering them to take decisions. Comes along is the essential growth catalyst for any employee - ownership of particular projects allocated to them.

Having curated a strong base in India within shut-eye time, en route to the future, ProfiliAd is shifting its gears to become a 3600 digital marketing solution provider in Asia Pacific region. Well, highly influenced by clients’ requirements & queries, the international growth is also on the card. In the process, perceiving the dire need of educating advertisers about combating ad frauds and
creating more value through latest trends,the company also indulges in various events and panel discussions across the country to share its wisdom. The journey has just begun for ProfiliAd; it has a long way to go.

In addition to the burgeoning number of ad fraud, the rapidly growing digital marketing industry on the other hand has to deal with working capital challenges to fund the growth. Financial challenges, especially for startups that range from having no room for a trial & error to underestimating monthly expenses, mispricing products and funding, exist throughout the value chain right from a big advertiser to the smallest possible publisher. “We at Profiliad are working to overcome both these challenges and we have seen early success in both. In coming months we shall deploy our Fintech Solution, which has passed the stage of proof of concept, to overcome working capital challenges,” proclaims Aman Mahajan, CFO, Profiliad.

Key Management:
Hina Mittal Nayar Co-Founder & CEO
Hina has an extensive work experience of around 12 years in the Digital Marketing industry with Affiliate Marketing as her expertise. By academics, she is an engineer in Information Systems, though she chose her career in Digital Marketing. She aims to make this network an Efficient Performance Marketing Network that Advertisers & Publishers can trust. Her objective is to minimize the persistent challenges in the Affiliate marketing industry by introducing some new innovate techniques.

Sumit Nayar Co-Founder & MD
A successful entrepreneur having more than 15 years of industry experience, Sumit has been the co-founder in several ventures in his career. His previous venture offered Market Research solutions to diversified industries including Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Energy, Automotive, Real Estate, Advertising & Communications industries.

Marco Cotumaccio Co-Founder & Director
Marco’s background in Architecture is a guiding hand in forging a methodical approach in all aspects of the business. An analytical professional, Marco is a key statistician within the company, working closely with ProlifiAd teams to ensure clarity and transparency are accomplished at every stage.

Marino Gualano Co-Founder & Partner
A skilled sales and managerial professional, Marino delivers strategies aimed at driving growth and development of the company’s teams and business operations.

Mathew Mathai George Co-Founder & Director
Mathew has an extensive work experience of around 17 years in the field of IT/ITES industry across many domains. Basically an Electronics engineer, he started his career as a Programmer and then moved to managerial and entrepreneur level.

Client Speaks:
"However hard it may seem, crossing a mountain starts with one simple step. In a very short span, I've witnessed the sheer grit of Profiliad to combat fraud and gain a significant name for itself as a top mobile Ad network. Here's wishing many more milestones and Cheers to the Profiliad team and All the very best.” " Akhil Rumandla, Jabong

• Performance Marketing in web and mobile
• Branding
• Retargeting

Headquarter: Gurugram