PromozSEO: Providing Industry-Apropos & Comprehensive Digital Marketing Training

Soumya Roy,Founder & CEO

Soumya Roy

Founder & CEO

Growing relentlessly over the past decade, digital marketing has turned out to be the mainstream channel for most business platforms, expectedly opening 20 lakh job opportunities for candidates by 2020. According to a recent study by Marketing Profs, over half of the businesses struggle to find skilled professionals for marketing positions, with 46 percent citing the search as somewhat challenging and seven percentclaiming it to be very challenging. While the digital marketing sector is filled with dozens of training institutes that fail to keep pace with the industry requirements, PromozSEO delineates as an esteemed digital marketing training institute that relentlessly creates highly proficient digital marketing professionals.

Kolkata-based PromozSEO is focused on training not only the job seekers and wannabe professionals, but a major proportion of startups and agency owners too, since its inception in 2014. At PromozSEO, these participants are encouraged to learn digital marketing from scratch and simultaneously implement this new-gained knowledge on their websites, social media platforms, and other online marketing platforms for realtime experiences and improved results for their brands & businesses. Offering a fully practical, comprehensive digital marketing course to the participants online and offline, PromozSEO mentors them at each step, assesses their techniques, improvises their mistakes, and ultimately helps them run their campaigns successfully.
Comprehensive Professional Training
Led by one of India’s best digital marketing experts Soumya Roy(Founder & CEO),PromozSEO offers
Digital Marketing Training course, which is an affordable, well-structured and meticulously planned 120+ hours program(seven months), with practical and experiential learning(Q&A, assignments and realtime application), covering 17 chapters and 65 modules. Wrapping the fundamentals of digital marketing, complete SEO, modern SMM, Comprehensive Google Ads PPC, modern Facebook marketing topics, and utilizing the required digital marketing tools, PromozSEO’s comprehensive curriculum imparts exclusive knowledge experience to its participants. Moreover it facilitates complete hands-on digital marketing training to students in conformance with the industry and its guidelines.

Participants at PromozSEO are encouraged to learn digital marketing from scratch and simultaneously implement this new-gained knowledge on their websites & social media platforms for real-time experiences

Soumya explains, “All our digital marketing courses have been a resounding success with regards to the students’ satisfaction and enrolment of new students by word of mouth. The digital marketing knowledge acquired here not only furnishes the participants with skills, but elevates their confidence and strengthens their base significantly”. Prior to PromozSEO, Soumya worked with a US company and freelanced hundreds of domestic & international projects. It is his inherited experience and whopping knowledge that has helped PromozSEO to nurture candidates immaculately, making them ready for the vast digital market cosmos. By enrolling only four five students in each batch (online & offline), giving assignments, and conducting Q&A sessions after each class, the institute is religiously maintaining the quality of its courses.

Kick-starting its operations with advanced SEO course, PromozSEO has gradually expanded its portfolio and trained 3500+ domestic and overseas students so far. Providing several certification courses like SEO, YouTube Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads PPC and Content Writing & Management,besides Digital Marketing Certification course, PromozSEO is planning to incorporate a few more courses. Further, PromozSEO shares a vision to empower small businesses looking for digitization with more proficient digital marketing skills and tactics thus making them achieve higher ROI.