Purple Phase Communications: Creating Branding Strategies that Touch People & the Bottomline

Prerak Shah & Rikin Shah, Co-FoundersAll of us have heard about the mythical art of Alchemy that can transform any element into pure gold. However, not many are aware of the occurrence of a phase during the process which acts as a link between the inception and the conclusion of a successful transition, the purple phase. The corporate world today is looking for such gold in form of market reach. Co-founded by Prerak Shah and Rikin Shah, Ahmadabad-based Purple Phase Communications (PPC) is that essential link enabling the metamorphosis of brands and propelling their growth through its stellar branding & communication strategies across 360 degree branding platforms with global brand vision. PPC has truly mastered the art of alchemy by transforming business ideas into valuable creative solutions.

Prerak proudly remarks, “We are a young, innovation oriented full-fledged branding, designing & advertising consultancy, reinforced by an experienced workforce, which has worked with many reputed brands across a diverse portfolio of industries, offering the right mix of quirk and traditional media within a rapid turnaround time. We help our clients to create, nurture and groom their brands by working in tandem with them in every step of the way, by undertaking an extensive research with respect to client’s business, customer’s psyche,
category trends and competition practices. Later they leverage it to create a strong, sustainable and customised brand recall, complementing the mindset & purchase power of the end consumers”.

With its constant creative inputs giving international agencies a run for their money, PPC continuously invests in fostering the brand’s personality & create a strong brand recall

Be it print, outdoor, radio, digital, packaging, ambience design, point of purchase branding, event or website, Purple Phase consistently contributes to the client’s overall market presence and distinct personality that doesn’t faze over a period of time. About their approach to tackling clients of difference scales, Rikin shares, “Each client has their unique mix of objectives, TG and budget. Our aim is to help clients utilise marketing budgets wisely to obtain their objectives. We help startups and SMEs create strong brand recognition through innovative but economic branding exercises. While for established business houses, we groom the brand in such a way that it appeals to their constantly evolving customer base while retaining the loyalty of patrons”.

Adding the Personal Touch
With its constant creative inputs giving international agencies a run for their money, PPC continuously invests in fostering the brand’s personality & create a strong brand recall. Unlike its contemporaries, it maintains relations for a lifetime by working closely with clients on every project as an extension of their own team. Strongly believing
that a good design is of no use if it
fails to communicate the objective, it integrates right balance of strategy and art in every piece of communication.

While there are other agencies which can deliver good campaigns, what separates PPC is its holistic understanding of working with clients from diverse spectrum of industries, its unwavering commitment to innovation and growth, and a team charged with passion and enriched with experience of building brands from the scratch. PPC has served more than 200 national and international clients from across industries that includes prominent names like The Chocolate Room, Whiskers (Men’s Grooming), Kaizen Hospital, Studio 52 (Dubai), Nishi Nails, Karnavati Seeds, Zion Salon & Spa, Fine Feather Dental, Lampros Preschool, Dupat Infotronicx and 10 Finger Solutions to name a few.

Prerak Shah
Future ready
Thanks to its malleable approach towards idea formulations, the company is quick to embrace technology for continuous growth of its clients. Adhering to the ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’ ideology, PPC is in constant pursuit of knowledge, thereby facilitating clients with the wonder of future media trends. Talking about the roadmap, Prerak says, “We plan foraying into full-fledged digital branding and luxury branding with razor sharp focus on expanding our collaboration & client base with national and international brands”.