Radiant: Redefining Customer Engagement by Creating Lasting Experiences

Sudhakar Sharan,Founder & CEO

Sudhakar Sharan

Founder & CEO

Riding the tide of the changing consumer landscape, marketers are coming-up with disruptive strategies in creating a better social presence for their promotional campaigns. They call it experiential marketing, which is already generating enough RoI to encourage Indian brands to invest 15 percent of their marketing budgets. On the flipside, tooling with AI & VR, many marketers claim their campaigns to be experiential and often misunderstand the connotation of this new lingo. Sudhakar Sharan, Founder & CEO, Radiant, states, “It is more like event marketing, where you exhibit, promote and activate the products at retail spaces, allowing both technical & social interventions to play their part”. Pegging onto this stark concept, Radiant brings-in six such interfaces to host its live campaigns, fuelled by creative efforts of its entire in-house team imparting a lasting experience for the event attendees.

Sudhakar had been piloting campaigns since he had first set his foot in the marketing industry, which eventually expanded his knowledge basket with new marketing strategies and presented ample scope to sensitize the product ecosystem. ‘Experiencing & spreading the experiencing’ being his sole philosophy, he incepted Radiant in 2011 to run customized experiential campaigns widely for the automobile industries and others. In this highly unorganized industry, it functions as a
comprehensive provider from Event Planning & Management, Brand Activations, Creative Consultancy, Exhibition-Planning Design, Retail Planning & Production to Audiovisual & Lightning Designs for every promotional need.

Adept Marketing Strategies
Sudhakar explains, “Where more than 40 percent of Indian population is millennial, we try to understand how millennial talk, think and react before deriving marketing plans for any branding campaigns”. Radiant first runs a thorough research of the target audiences and structures an event plan by using integrated automation tools and social platforms. With several rounds of brainstorming, the crude plan receives creative ornamentations to finalize an event. This unique amalgamation of creative & technical skill sets has received applauds from millions of attendees upon their successful execution of events.

We try to understand how millennial talk, think and react before deriving any marketing plans for any branding campaigns

The company not only provides experiential marketing for the clients, but also presents its strategies to its clients in an experiential way. Sudhakar recalls the incident when recently a consulting brand contacted Radiant for promotion of its flagship product and had no primary idea about how experiential marketing works. As a reliable provider, Radiant presented a complete virtual experience of how it will be activating the product in the market and the media tools it will deploy for promotion, maintaining a complete transparency of its offerings.

“At Radiant, everything is experiential, which is a composition of energetic, enthusiastic & spirited team of dynamos,” avers Sudhakar. Radiant believes that manpower is the most important tool in the experiential marketing industry; because it involves humanitarian thoughts behind every connotation for the experiential designs. Be it planning, strategizing, creating or running operations, it has deployed efficient manpower having vast experience in their respective domains to leverage a seamless marketing campaign.

Catering in the experiential marketing industry for about eight years, it has maintained a steady growth of 27 percent every year. Sudhakar concludes, “In this crowded industry space, we are working to carve-out our own niche by creating more interesting expos that can bring longevity in terms of revenue and will bring sustainability in this competitive market”.