Radma Research and Consulting: Introducing the Future of High-End Qualitative Research

Rajiv Sharma,Founder & CEO

Rajiv Sharma, Founder & CEO

The consumers have become increasingly complex in their decision making. This has engendered a butterfly effect, propelling market leaders to go beyond run-of-the-mill survey results, and in turn Market Research companies to mine a lot of ‘gray-area’ information behind the black-and-white quantitative answers. Today, with market providing copious choice for customers and with brand loyalty not where it was before, more organizations across the world are discerning the alarming need for qualitative research. But despite the demand flaring up in magnitude, around 95 percent of research companies regardless of the domain still restrict their radar to quantitative surveys. In consonance with the perception of Rajiv Sharma (Founder & CEO, Radma Research), the rationale behind this phenomenon is no rocket science.

“The state-of-the-art qualitative research takes a specialization in subjects and impeccable moderation skills to engage people for a significant amount of time. Having a handpicked team of people who are provided with access to state-of-the-art technologies, and coupled with a strict process-driven approach, we have been able to successfully deliver such demanding projects,” states Rajiv, who is also the one & only business partner of Times Internet for Economic Times RICS.

One among who quickly recognized this dire need was a leading automobile manufacturer in India. They decided to listen to the nuances of what their market echoes, and since there is no room for error, they traced-out a premium qualitative market research organization – Radma Research and Consulting, which belongs to the elite five percent of market research companies globally, performing high-end qualitative research (rest do quantitative research). Yet, they hardly know the impacts that Radma’s meticulous & technologically advanced research could produce.

Banking on state-of-the-art qualitative research methodologies, Radma has successfully completed over 75 qualitative projects in the last one year. Of late, Radma Research became one of the very few research companies to successfully execute video research project for a large global FMCG manufacturer. In truth, the video research has become a buzzword in town owing to the countless ways it helps organizations to savour exceptional outcomes. Radma on behalf of its clients captures (in offline/online mode) hundreds of videos from their target audience that can be in the forms of short videos, IDIs or lengthy focus groups & Ethnos according to the requirement. Once the capture is finished, the offline videos are simply synchronized back and instantly auto-transcribed, translated (into over 80 supported languages), and quality assured. Videos subsequently are rated for sentiments, and interactive charts and word clouds are prepared. This disciplined approach takes its clients into a world of priceless insights. “Organization can see how customers truly feel about
their brands, products, and services. They can read the sentiment behind every single sentence, in every response, or take a step back and view sentiments at a theme level to see where exactly the brand delights its customers,” adjoins Rajiv.

A Strong Team Creating Friendship with Technology
The crux of Radma’s prowess has always been its robust & experienced (eight years on an average) team, which is specialized & trained in domains such as ICT, Automotive, Consumer Products, and FMCG, among others, and above all, acts as the client’s extended team. This backbone combined with its flexibility in adapting into technologies based on the needs & requirements allows the company to decipher the complexity of demanding projects ranging from in-depth qualitative studies to Online Bulletin Boards, Video Surveys, Online Communities, and even High-profile Recruitment, which most of the market research companies refrain from doing due to the level of capabilities it calls for. “Our team comprises seasoned researchers. It’s a mix of MBAs and Engineers from top Colleges/Universities and most of them have worked abroad in sectors such as BFSI, Retail, Automotive and Research. We promote meritocracy and encourage learning & new skill development at every level,” adjoins Rajiv.

"Banking on state-of-the-art qualitative research methodologies, Radma has successfully completed over 75 qualitative projects in the last one year"

The harmony between Radma’s SOP and humanoid approach in understanding client’s key problem areas or business objective does the magic, while its deep 'know how' in choosing the right methodology and a dedicated division of data scientists who leave no stone unturned further drive the company towards sheer backend excellence. The presentation team, which is trained to ensure customer delight through comprehensive storytelling imbued with lucid narration & lively presentation, takes it forward and makes sure that the ball is well inside goal line. An effective feedback system, in addition to timely training & retraining, compliments its endeavors towards improvements and building strategic relationships with clients.

Needless to say, we are talking about a meticulous process that produces abundant data. Being compliant with various national & international data policies & regulations, Radma has strict data protection policies in place. Such has been the approach of the company ever since its inception, culminating in great acceptability, among consumers the world over.

Getting the Growth Track Right
Since the demand for such capable qualitative research providers continues to be on the rise, it’s no wonder this two-year old company exceeded the top-line revenues and profit margins in the first year. Today, Radma flaunts its prestigious clientele comprising of large Corporate & Consulting firms and has spread globally across the geographies like the U.S., UK, Europe, and APAC. To seamlessly serve across these locations, the company operates from its offices strategically located in India, Germany and Singapore.

En route to a more vivid future, Radma, under the aegis of its experienced CEO, persists in innovating research techniques to be at par with the changing dynamics with respect to reach,
methodology, skills, clients’ expectations, and their need for something innovative and out-of-the-box. “Delivering quality through intelligent efforts consistently isn’t just about it being a habit, but our second nature,” adds Rajiv, who currently is busy setting-up advisory board of industry stalwarts in UK & U.S.

"The harmony between Radma’s SOP and humanoid approach in understanding client’s key problem areas or business objective does the magic"

The Next Big Thing
Radma is in the process of launching one of the largest Live Streaming Apps in India in collaboration with a Chinese company. It’s one of the oldest, most popular & largest live streaming apps in China, amidst 200+ apps existing. “We got the opportunity,” divulges Rajiv. If the success of Chinese apps in the Indian digital soil is anything to go by, Radma is awaiting huge success and its revenue growth expectations of 25-30 percent is highly justified. While this intrinsically alarms the need for a large team of Developers, Content Writers, Sales & Marketing people, the company predominantly focuses on the strength of the team rather than size. However, it’s currently exploring the possibilities of Campus Recruitments. With sustainable & organic growth trajectories in mind, Radma thus strives to improve efficiencies by encouraging and engaging its workforce towards value-added work, reminding them that the sky is the only limit.

Key Management:
Rajiv Sharma, Founder & CEO
Rajiv possesses more than 20 years of industry experience, including 16 years in Market Research. His domain expertise in ICT, BFSI, Oil & Gas, Retail and Automotive has played a pivotal role in Radma’s success. Rajiv is also a business partner of the Economic Times, collaborating together to provide end-to-end research solutions across large corporate organizations, globally.

Radma in Spotlight:
•Branded amongst five percent of market research companies globally doing high-end qualitative research
•Boasts of Tailored Research Engagement, One-off Market Research Study, Market/Index Tracking Program, In-depth Senior Insight Study, Channel Optimization, Channel Monitoring, and much more
•Technologically Sound Organization flexible enough to adapt into any high-end technology with regards to the clients’ needs
•Client base spread globally across the geographies like the U.S., UK, Europe, and APAC
•An impeccable team with specialization in diverse verticals and experience of eight years on an average
•All major languages covered using native speakers

Advanced Tech: Radma's technology base is robust with a client's portal to access the project progress on real-time basis, live chat room for 24x5 support, 100 percent call recordings (anonymized), Remote Barge-in facility, and much more.

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment:
Total employees: 20+
Offices: Pune, Singapore & Germany
Qualitative Market Research for
•New Product Development Testing
•Concept Testing
•Awareness Studies
•Customer Satisfaction
•Market Segmentation
•Custom Research