Rubecon Communications: Scripting Brand Success Stories & Lasting Relationships

Alexander Zachariah  & Meera Zachariah,Managing Directors

Alexander Zachariah

Managing Director

Alexander Zachariah aka Zach, the brand whiz with over three decades of experience in the Indian advertising industry, believes that strong brands are not built overnight. The Managing Director of Rubecon Communications, a Chennai-based provider of 360 degree communication services, has thus built an organization dedicated towards fostering deep relationships with clients, brands and customers over a period of time. "We don't expect results to show-up overnight in winning an account or building the brand, because we know we are in for the long run," explains Zach.

Founded in 1998, Rubecon specializes in rendering a range of services that include brand strategy, advertising, brand building, identity, packaging design, digital communication and films, to name a few. For over two decades, the firm has partnered with clients to develop, mould and transform their brands into success stories.

Fostering Resilient Relationships
Functioning with a strong focus on harboring strong relationships with all stakeholders, Rubecon has thus achieved long-term impact on both client-agency relationships and agency-employee relationships. Dedicatedly working with clients to achieve the brand's marketing objectives by understanding the brand & the category, the firm ensures a long-term association with clients. Rubecon creates a level of comfort and trust for clients through consistency in the team
handling the brand from the agency over a period of time.

The company also boasts of an open office and flat hierarchy culture, where creatives and brand managements' role blend into each other. Since ideas can come from anywhere, all departments at Rubecon have porous boundaries. The firm's creative team members attend research & strategy presentations for clients and brand team members who brainstorm with the creative team for the next big idea.

Well Researched Services
Bestowed with a creative bend, Rubecon specializes in building brand identities through brand planning & positioning, conceptualizing brand name & logo identity, extensions to business cards, letterhead, signage and more. It develops creative communication for ATL and BTL campaigns for TV commercials, print ads, posters, POP materials and creatives for social media. Rubecon has also built expertise in environment graphics, packaging & designing leaflet/brochures/coffee table books, pure design graphics and high end art related work.

Dedicatedly working with clients to achieve the brand's marketing objectives by understanding the brand & the category, Rubecon ensures a long-term association with clients

Before embarking on a project, Rubecon first studies the client's background, the industry they operate in, competitive offerings for the TG, consumer pain points and perception barriers. The firm undertakes a holistic approach, including primary and 0secondary research, to get an understanding of the project before putting its thinking caps on. "While studying the requirements and the industry for the client, we decide based on the objective, qualitative or quantitative research," says Anand who handles the brand management team along with Murali. The company also partners with a specialized research agency, briefs them with the client, and works together to uncover findings. "The insights we cull-out from the research findings will be used to craft the positioning for the brand, establishing the brand personality, tone of voice and more," they add.

In order to stay in sync with the ever changing pace of the advertising industry, Rubecon has tied-up with digital agencies, wherein they formulate the digital plan, and the Rubecon team executes the communication strategy. Unaffected by the industry slowdown, Rubecon relies on its flexibility in handling different projects and clients at various price points. Having won a bevy of regional, national and international clients, the ambitious firm is strengthening its arsenal to garner greater success.